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I had signed up as a new pet owner for the wellness program and started feeling like I was going to a used car dealership. I noticed every visit they would sell me things when my guard was down concerned for my pets.

I was sold flea medicine for indoor dogs and they wanted to charge for a heartworm test for a bad leg. I said lets just check the leg. They had me sign the paper and I left my dog, then called them back to cancel as soon as I got home because I wanted to check around. Over 500 dollars for a xrays and pain medicine and other stuff.

I went to get herand the arrogant doctor came out and I said you did the xrays he said ya. I told him I was so mad it hadn't been 15 minutes that I canceled. I was told to get her at five. I went home thinking they must of run her through that xray machine so fast when I was told it would be six hours before I pick her up.

So I paid came home canceled check and called them. The doctor that said he is part owner was RUDE,Arrogant and said he'd send me to collections and could never go back to Banfield. My husband got on the phone and the doctor acted so much nicer I couldn't believe it. He was a complete unprofessional ***.

READ READ READ and take the quote home and check around. I found a new doctor that said I was charged alot and they are 55 dollars to see if she needs additional treatment. I would not trust them at all and I feel the wellness plan sucks you in for a decent price then they go in for the kill at every visit.

THEY SUCK!!!! Deborah D

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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