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My dog is a five month old puppy who needed shots. We thought Banfield would be great because of the wellness plan and I wanted the best for my pup.

Our first visit we met our first of many doctors and since we have a small dog they wanted to spread out the shots ("FINE") So we are told ("WE WANT THE BEST FOR YOUR DOG") Like I don't?!! So a benadryl shot and a tired dog later we go home and return two weeks later for round two a new doctor and another 40$ benadryl shot not covered by our wellness plan 300.00 later and round 3 of shots a new doctor three weeks after visit 2 and another 40$ benadryl shot we are told to come back in two weeks for the spay. I request that we have the same doctor and am told if you wanted that you should have told us. So I drop my dog off three weeks later to be spayed at 7:30 am and go home.

I get a call four hours later and am told that my dog after a routine blood check before spay has a low liver enzyme and needs another blood test that will be 299.97 and needs to take meds to see if it can be cleared up before they spay her and to come back in three weeks for a blood check and a week later for the spay but UH-OH!!! Then she will be 6 months and there will be an extra charge for going over the 6 month old wellness spay plan. Hmmm?? Want some more money?

We asked Doctor Glimer though nice but such a bad lier. We feel like this is such a corporate situation and we feel like everytime you want more money from us you say we just want whats best for your dog. ("No don't loose sleep over this it should be fine.

really.") Well we want whats best for our dog so we got a second opinion and for 150.00$ she is going to be spayed in a week and her liver really couldnt be better. Expect that report and a lawsuit Banfield and doctor Glimer, shame on you!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Monetary Loss: $750.

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Ya, Tech your a liar, I paid over $80 for the liver enzyme test at banfield. Maybe if you weren't such crooks and were up front and honest about your services and fees you wouldn't have 300+ complaints here.

Every time I went there, I no longer do and tell everyone I know how bad banfield really is, your clinic ever time tried hitting me up for additional services and fees. A tech even called me up and lied, saying that me dog would die with out the test, which later was proved to be completely false after a second opinion by a REAL vet.

I hope your company is investigated and shut down, you give all vets a bad name and your title should be reduced to puppy-mill care givers! Cause we all know you are just as crooked as the puppy-mills themselves!


This is a *** post!


I am sorry you had that bad experience in that one Clinic , but the Banfield we take our pets to are WONDERFUL. In fact when my older dog was sick they took good care of her and even when they knew that we were not able to spend that much.

They even did somethings for free. Please don't judge all Banfield's because of one or two bad ones. They even cried when we had to put our oldest Dog to sleep.

I just want to say Thank you Banfield for all your support and love that you have showed our family in our time of loss and thanks for taking such good care of our baby. We will never forget that NEVER!

Banfield Pet Hospital

It’s our mission to provide our clients and their Pets with high quality medicine and exceptional client experiences on every visit. We apologize that your visit to one of our hospitals was unsatisfactory.

To address your specific concern, and to help us improve our overall service, we would appreciate it if you would call us at 1-877-500-2288 to discuss what happened. We'd like to help.


adopted my cat from petsmart and thought that banfield would work out, since it's right there. my poor cat had ringworm, so i had to pay for medicated shampoo and drops to apply directly to the ringworm, plus $50 for the visit itself. well, over the course of two months i had to visit 4 times...the ringworm just kept getting worse and i had to keep buying more drops ($40 for a tiny bottle) and shampoo ($20) and paying for every visit. (and yes, i was following the instructions religiously, and keeping the cat's areas bleached and such)

when the blonde at the desk said, 'wow, you've spent over $400 here you should get a wellness plan!'

i said, well, would it be retroactive?

blondie looks at me like i'm an *** and says 'no. you'd still have to pay all the fees'.

so after spending more money, they wanted me to spend more money so i could spend less money???? :roll

LOL i was like eff this poo! :p i bought a giant tube of generic lotrimin from walmart, applied it to the ringworm patches 3x a day and the ringworm stopped spreading and was gone in a week. plus kitty was way more calm since he wasn't getting bathed all the time.

i understand meds and visits cost money, but i was angry about blondie's attitude and the fact that the vets didn't say anything. i told them i was having a hard time affording all these visits, and they didn't even suggest just getting plain lotrimin. thank goodness for the internet, lol.

i have since found a different vet who actually cares about animals and isn't just in it for the money.


Had that elevated liver enzyme not been tested and it turned out to be a liver shunt, your dog would have died under anesthesia. Then, you would be on here saying how Banfield killed your dog.

And, that liver enzyme test is called a 'Bile Acids' test. It only costs $70, at the most, and that's for both the pre and post tests.

And, $40 for a benedryl injection?

I think that's a little bit more of an exaggeration. I have never paid more than $20 at any vet's office, Banfield included.