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We recently took ownership of a pet from a family member. The dog has been a patient of Banfield for over four years and has a current wellness program with them.

We wanted to be sure that Lucy was a good fit so we waited a month before attempting to transfer her into our name and assume the policy. When we went to the Moorestown, NJ location to have her transferred we were shocked when we were told that we would have to sign her up as a new patient and pay a new patient membership fee of $69.95 while she was currently covered in an account in good standing. They went on to explain that was the only way they could update the information, take the previous owner off the account and name us Lucy's owner. What they failed to explain is the crime of a predatory nature.

We paid a total of $166.21 on 06/26/2110 to affect this change and purchased heartworm and tick prevention medication. I received a call last night from the same family member that we adopted the dog from and was informed that Banfield debited her account for $23.95, the same amount we are paying. Thinking this was a clerical error; I called the local Banfield clinic and was told that the previous owner was responsible for cancelling the old premium which they failed to disclose to us when we opened our account. When she called Banfield corporate today she was informed that her agreement was binding and she was responsible to pay the monthly fee until the contract expires in November.

I called corporate to explain that we were now paying the premium for the SAME patient and I was told that their policy is to collect for the full contract amount regardless of duplicate premiums. Now, I have to refund my relative the same amount I'm paying for the dog's coverage. When I asked if my dog was receiving twice the coverage they said no. When I asked if the transfer which I was charged $69.00 for had increased Banfield's operating expense they said no.

Finally, when I asked the corporate representative if they were in my shoes how would they feel; The reply was, a cold, I can't answer that question because it's not my pet. This is an absolute crime. They did not lose a client but now they are trying to collect twice for the same coverage on a single animal. I'm out of room or I'd explain my sales issue.

Bottom line is that this company has either lost focus on customer service and doing the sensible right thing but more likely is a sales organization that is driven by greed and revenue with a corporate policy that screws their clients with no regard to ethics, moral or decorum. Their tactics of disclosure are at best invisible as they defer to small print in their terms and conditions and even twist those words to a point of distortion that is unrecognizable to the consumer eye. This organization is dirty, underhanded and feeds off fear and love of pets to upsell unsuspecting customers who assume that they are legitimate because they are partnered with a large national chain like Pet Smart. The aforementioned company should change its name to Pet DUMB because there is no long term strategy of survival when you sleep with a predator like Banfield.

If you are smarter than me and performing your due diligence, do yourself a favor and check their rating history with the Better Business Bureau @ . They are not an accredited member and can't be because they fall well below the BBB's minimal standard requirements because of their history and practice.

I'm not an attorney but if I were, I would rally to create a class action complaint against this entity that, in my opinion, is at par with Michael Vick.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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Does anyone know of a another company that has a similar plan that is honest?

We have a new puppy & I am afraid to start a plan with banfield; our previous plan we canceled & when I called to enroll our new puppy they told me I had to speak to collections because I had an outstanding balance. go figure


I am very disappointed with Banfield. I took my cat in because her eye seemed abnormal.

Two doctors examined her and could not come to a conclusion as to what was wrong with her eye. They recommended I go see a specialist. I took her to another vet, and they immediately saw that she was blind in that eye. If two Banfield vets can't see something that obvious, what else are they missing to see???

Scarily incompetent. Never went back after that.


The problems are out of control with Banfield. Animals are being treated and used as a cooperate product, screwing the owners by playing on emotion and our caring concern for our pets.

This article stated it’s point perfectly and I truly hope others do not take these complaints lightly.

Return to your “non-cooperate” owned vet before irreversible damage is done to your credit history or pet. When convince and cooperation are linked in the case of Banfield, the convince defiantly comes in way over charged.

Banfield Pet Hospital


We read your questions again and want to take the opportunity to provide some information we hope is helpful. Please see the answers to each of your questions below.

1. Banfield supervisors are, in fact, trained to help call center representatives work with clients to address and resolve their concerns. In order to be most helpful, a supervisor may first need to research the issue and review the situation and/or medical records prior to responding to the client. Supervisors may not always be available to take immediate calls if they are assisting other clients or associates, but our goal is always to respond as quickly as possible to help resolve any client issues.

2. Wellness Plans can be canceled at any time, for any reason. However, there may be costs associated with canceling a Wellness Plan. Sometimes we owe the client money, and sometimes the client owes us money for unpaid services. When a plan is canceled, we simply ask that the client pay for the services already used at full retail cost, or the remainder of the monthly payments, whichever is less. In other words, customers who do cancel are not asked to pay for services that they do not use. In the event that a client fails to pay a monthly payment within 85 days of its due date, the agreement states that we have the option to immediately cancel their Wellness Plan, discontinue plan services and collect on any remaining payments.

3. Due to recent changes in banking laws, and depending on a client’s personal banking circumstances, the automatic debit function may not occur on a scheduled date. When this occurs, the client’s financial institution may or may not share this information with our Wellness Plan team. Under no circumstances do we ever stop a client payment for any reason. We always want to ensure that our clients are financially up-to-date and able to use all services included on their plans.”


Dear Banfield,

I worked there briefly in your WPR department and I have a few questions:

1: If you are a company dedicated to the quality of your services why do your supervisors refuse to speak with concerned customers? I have worked in (reputable) call centers for many years, and yours is the only one where it was a policy for supervisors to NOT get directly on the phone to handle escalated calls. Is it because you KNOW you are scamming people? That’s the only reason that seems to make sense to me….

2: How is it ethical at all that if a Wellness Plan is cancelled for non payment and the value of the services used is LESS than the total cost of the WP that client is still sent to collections for the total cost of the Wellness Plan PLUS collection fees if they are applicable in the client’s state? And don’t give me some mumbo jumbo about how if “no or little services are used” the plan cancels at $0, this was true for plans where maybe $15 dollars in services had been used but if they used any more than this they were most likely going to IC Systems.

3: Sometimes the auto bill pay stops for NO REASON!!! In your own systems the reason given why a payment was not drafted would literally be blank! this was true at least 25% of the time. It is laughable to believe that your seniro management is unaware of this. Either you are letting this happen because it is more profitable for you to do so or you are completely incompetent: which is it?

Some info for consumers: A hefty portion of corporate Banfield’s profits are from these Wellness Plans. I worked in the collections department with approximately 30 other people. Our collections goals were on average $32,000/individually. This makes nearly one million dollars a month that just our small team collected in revenue for this company. I am not joking when I tell you that these people are ALL ABOUT MONEY. I truly mean it when I say that Banfield is the most greedy and unprofessional enviroment that I have ever worked in. It goes far beyond your everyday ugliness of general business (everyone needs to make a buck to live, right? Business in any company is hardly pretty in all it’s practices all the time). Banfield, however, really doesn’t have much of any type of saving grace in it’s mission at it’s corporate level.

Banfield Pet Hospital

@Andrew Y.,

We read your story here and want to discuss your experience. Please feel free to call us on our customer advocacy line: 1-877-500-2288.


My wife signed my two cats up for the upgraded wellness plan at the McKinney, Texas location. She was told the upgraded plan includes teeth cleaning.

We took the two cats in for their shots then returned two weeks later to get their teeth cleaned. We were told they cannot clean the animals teeth because of a heart murmur. We told them that if they would not clean the cats teeth then we wanted the basic wellness plan and not the upgraded plan. The cats were returned to us with bandages on their legs.

One cat still had a needle in its leg which would have been used to knock it out during the teeth cleaning. Our cat bit and tore the bandage off at which time it began to bleed to death under our bed unbeknown to us. I found the cat under the bed in a pool of blood and immediately took it to banfield in Mckinney, Texas. The vet told me that it was a mistake to send any animal home with any bandages much less any medical device still attached.

After I cooled down the next day I called banfield to request that our contract to be downgraded to the basic plan. They told me they would investigate the incident. They will not downgrade the plan and they will not let us out of the contract. I called my banker and cut off the automatic payments.

Now they are sending me to a collections company for an entire years worth of service which they did not perform and in fact performed in a dangerous way. I do not want to do business with them and I refuse to pay for substandard service. Do not enter into any contracts with these crooks unless you have a good lawyer.

I hope they sue me for payment, I cant wait for the court hearing when I get to show the judge the medical device that was left in our pet and the pictures of the pools of blood under our bed which was caused by the staff at the Mckinney, Texas Banfield Pet Hospital. They can also explain to the judge that they did not perform any service on our cats but still expect payment.

Banfield Pet Hospital

It’s our mission to provide our clients and their Pets with high quality medicine and exceptional client experiences on every visit. We apologize that your visit to one of our hospitals was unsatisfactory. To address your specific concerns, and to help us improve our overall service, we would appreciate it if you would call us at 1-877-500-2288 to tell us what happened.

@talldrinkh2o We are very sorry to hear about the loss of your Pet. At Banfield we consider your Pet to be a part of our family, too.

Regarding your Optimum Wellness Plan payments, unlike insurance, our Wellness Plans are preventative services Pets need throughout the year, packaged together at a highly discounted price and with the convenience of a 12-month financing option. We hope you understand that you will only be paying for veterinary services your Pet has already received. For cancellation options please call us at 1-866-649-2716.


I couldn't agree more. Banfield is the worst!!!

They never have any clue about what is going on with my dog, not once have they diagnosed her properly AND everytime a member of their staff comes in the exam room - it adds another $100 to the bill!

Almost have to get the wellness plan so you don't walk out of there owing them hundreds of dollars. My advice is to go back to your local vet.


Agreed. They are greedy and immoral I had to pay for a dog that was not longer alive.

I just posted about it. They clearly do not have our pets well being in mind and do not value their customers.

They obviously know their service is subpar and must use predatory methods to keep clients. :(

Banfield Pet Hospital

At Banfield we strive to provide each patient and client with the highest level of care and service. We apologize that your experience was unsatisfactory and would like to discuss this further .

Someone from Banfield will be contacting you to help resolve this matter.

In reference to the BBB--as a medical care provider, Banfield treats our client and patient information confidentially and works directly with our clients rather than the BBB to resolve any issues. We look forward to continuing to provide care for Lucy.