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I brought my cat in for their advertised free comprehensive in early April 2014. I was told he was perfectly healthy but need his teeth cleaned and a tooth extracted. They did a rabies shot without asking me and didn't explain to me why an indoor cat would need one. Apparently its actually a law in Sacramento County, however I don't think the vet gets to just do it without telling me until I'm presented with a bill for the shot. Then they start pressuring me to sign up for their Pet Wellness Plan, and we're talking a hard sell. I said I wanted to think about it and was told I only had 24 hours to decide and could sign up on the phone.

So we decide to do it, get charged $57 for the initial sign up (I had been told at the Banfield office that the fee for the rabies vaccine which was $27 would be deducted for that. No it wasn't.

But what my real complain it that their incompetent veterinarian missed a significant heart murmur in my cat. With one simple exam the heart murmur should have been detected as it was significant murmur. All she had to do was listen to his heart. They are rated between 1 to 5 and his was a 3. Had they placed my cat on a blood thinner he would not be dead. He threw a clot and his back legs and tail were paralyzed. Thank God I saw him fall off the back of the chair in the corner or he would've remained stuck there. The poor baby only cried when I picked him up. When I lay him down on my daughters bed he tried to pull himself along by his front paws and I knew something was horribly wrong. We rushed him to a 24 hour pet hospital and when the vet finally came in to talk to us, she explained what he had, Saddle Thrombosis and asked me when he had last seen a vet and I told her less then 4 months ago. She was clearly astonished and told us that the clot could have been prevented by blood thinners. As it was its a horribly painful condition, they could attempt to trea6 to it but even with extensive treatment he would only live at best another 6-12 months and that he would be in excruciating pain. Of course we didn't want that. He was only 8 years old and had been a very active healthy cat. They had given him pain medication and brought him to us on a bed and we held him in our laps and he had begun to purr as soon as he saw us and we petted him and cried and it was horrible. When we were as ready as we were going to be she gave him the injection to fall asleep and he put his head into my hand as he went to sleep. And then she gave him the other injection and he died in our laps.

To add insult to injury we were charged nearly double what are normal wellness plan payment was 6 days later. When I called the Wellness Plan customer service number he refused to refund the money and told me that only the "practice manager" could do that and I would have to speak to him. I requested to speak to a supervisor and left message which were never returned. As it stands now I am fully prepared to go to the Sacramento news sources, especially a reporter who deals specifically with exposing and helping companies that pull this kind of thing. When I tracked down the practice manager he kept saying that I had signed a contract for the wellness plan which is completely untrue as I did it over the phone. He is "looking into it". I told him I had no problem taking them to court, nor exposing the incompetence of their veterinarians and the scam they have going in pushing people into this wellness plan.

Having now found literally thousands of complaints from BBB, your site, Consumer Affairs and so many others I have no doubt that should it come to it, and I take them to court I will win.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Monetary Loss: $450.

  • incompetent veterinarian
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