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DO NOT TAKE YOUR PET TO BANFIELD ON 82ND!The nurses and doctors are nice, BUT....

I took my cat there this past week and here is what I experienced:

I was first given a quote for services in the $900 range for cleaning and stitching an abcess, pulling a tooth and flea/worm meds (which already seemed pretty high compared with other vets we have been too).They told me if I joined their wellness plan it would drastically reduce the costs, which then totaled in the $700 range, but included a year of care on the wellness plan. However, after services were performed and I went to pick up my cat the bill was somehow over $1,000.00???!!!!

In shock, I paid and left almost forgetting my cat! I called the next day several times and spoke with the office manager, the hospital manager, and called corporate. No one can really tell me what the difference in the charges are. But they are sending me out a copy so I can figure it out:) At one point, they actually offered to have me bring back the medications for a refund!

Now, what kind of animal hospital does that? It seems unethical. When I said no, that the animals NEEDED the medicine, they offered me $100 as a compromise. I'm sorry but $100 is not the same as the difference between the amount I was quoted and then charged.

They keep telling me oh, they must of forgot this or that and well, actually you got some services for "free" that they forgot to bill you for. This place is a mess. This is not how you do business. I specifically asked that everything to be done and the price of the wellness plan to be included on the invoice before services were rendered.

The employee doing so hand-wrote the amount on the top of the invoice. I had faith in her that she was doing it correctly. She claimed I was supposed to stop by the reception to get my total price. I was not told anything different upon check-out.

When I called corporate they told me I could cancel the wellness plan within 3 days for a refund, but would have to pay the retail price for services then, which now is over $1500? How does it go from $900 to $1500? Wouldn't you expect a phone call if your bill was going to be more than was expected? How often do you buy something at a store and when you go to pay for it it is 60% more than what it is marked at?

Um, NEVER. When your animal is sick you expect someone to do the right thing, not take advantage of you when you are stressed or emotional about the situation. They very easily could have admitted their mistake and refunded me the difference, but refuse to do that now.

I was told there was nothing they could really do, but the hospital manager would talk to the doctor and staff about the miscommunication. So, unless you want to pay and extraordinary amount for pet care, DO NOT TAKE YOUR ANIMALS TO BANFIELD ON 82nd!

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people want stuff for free...Banfield is a business not a county pet hospital...people need to research breeds and possible complications before they buy pets that may have possible issues and conditions. You have to pay for what you need in life and this includes stuff for a pet YOU ADOPTED

Banfield Pet Hospital

At Banfield, we focus on partnering with our clients so they have everything they need to make informed decisions regarding their Pet’s care. After a veterinarian examines a Pet they discuss findings with the Pet owner and make recommendations to develop a treatment plan, which includes cost estimates for each of the medical recommendations.

The Pet owner then makes the decision to accept or decline the proposed recommendations and associated costs. Our hope is that our hospital teams are educating clients that the estimates are only estimates, and that on occasion, the costs may change based upon unforeseen issues, such as the complexity of the procedure. In instances such as these, our hospital team is expected to inform the client immediately of changes to the initial estimate or to the agreed upon procedure.

We always encourage a two-way conversation with clients before agreeing to services or signing documents, which helps ensure we have answered any questions and have the same understanding before a medical procedure begins. If you have additional concerns you would like to discuss, we encourage you to call your hospital team or contact our customer service team at 877-500-2288.