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Banfield sedated my dog to turn her upside down and shake her to remove fluid from her lungs, it stopped her heart. I don't have proof her heart stopped, but reviving your pet adds another $500, so it could be a way of making money for the payroll.

I did witness the heart massage that may have broken her rib as I was told. She went into a coma or may have been dead when I went into the exam room, they said she would need to go to an overnight hospital. I wanted to take her to another vet, but they knew the overdose would have been detected. They had me come into the exam room and talk and touch my dog, except they never told me she had passed away, her eyes were dilated and non responsive.

She was so overdosed or in a coma I even asked what was wrong with her eyes, they never answered. I thought she was still under the sedative. They urged me to sign the consent to euthanize, but days later I thought she may have already been dead, when they didn't answer my question of what was wrong with her eyes. Banfield got $175 to kill my dog.

I was told I had 2 weeks to pay the balance of $525 while my dog was being killed twice. My neighbors dog had edema (Fluid) and it was removed with a large needle, my dog was sedated so the vet could hold her by her hind legs and shaken. This is an old treatment, the sedative killed my dog, her heart and lungs were stressed, she couldn't breathe on her own, no oxygen was used the three times I was in the exam room. They didn't have the decency to tell me she had passed away when I was talking with her and petting her.

Now it's all I see, her lifeless eyes.

She'd be here if only they had used an updated method of care, and a local anesthetic vs. an injected sedative that impaired her heart and lungs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I feel for you, with my eyes filled with tears some of these vets need to go back to school, not Banfield but another Pet Hospital killed my cat,it was almost exactly what you described happened to me, so sorry for your loss, what most people don't understand is that they r ur family and you hurt just as bad as if it were your own child! Hugs and kisses go out to you! So sorry!


Banfield killed your pet. Go post your story on Regret A Vet Facebook :roll



Again???? Why do you keep posting the same old story, making a few subtle changes to it each time & not listening to all the advise that other people (including several vets) have tried to give you?

I have seen on your other postings multiple calm, well explained reasons why your pet passed away that clearly explained the process/medications etc were given & recommended. You are either not reading, not understanding or just DESPERATE for someone to blame other than yourself.

You are seriously coming across like a crazy person at this point. I second some of the advise offered on prior posts & recommend you stop looking for sympathy from strangers online, stop wasting time hoping for a non-existent lawsuit, and seek some mental health counselling as a matter of urgency.

@getting ***cerned for your men

To getting concerned for your men post, why don't you mind your business, if you have read and know the story then don't read it again if it's a problem to you. Why can't you see the person has be tramatized a bit, there is no reason to shake the dog upside down while under sedation.

THEY KILLED HER DOG, NOT INTENTIONALLY BUT CAUSED THE DEATH. You are over looking and obviously not reading things correctly yourself, I don't think the point is to try and blame, but the fact that the dog passed away and they couldn't tell her and had her trying to talk to the dog, then had her sign a consent form so they could cover their *** and say they put her down instead of how she was already dead. Then charge for it when the dog was gone already. A broken rib?

These people. If you don't like the post then simply don't read it, stop being negative and mind your business you ***


I think Banfield killed your dog.


How many times are you going to post the same story? You've been posting this since July, and MORE THAN ONE veterinarian not associated with Banfield has told you that NOTHING medically inappropriate occurred.

I'm just wondering how much longer you are going to blame the veterinarians instead of understanding that your dog simply could not be saved?

If this sounds insensitive - I'm sorry. I'm just really sick and tired of you trying to blame the people that were there to help.


I know a LOT of little dogs that I would love to turn upside down and :x shake the *** out of because they are sooooo annoying!