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Has anyone had their puppy fixed at banfield pet hospital inside petsmart? , at broadway and bleeker.In New york?

I am heartbroken, my little pomeranian died there yesterday.I took her in to get fixed, even though I did not feel right about it.They kept calling me to upgrade my plan.

they did not even get to cut her.My little puppy weighed 5 pounds.But she was 6 months old and they encouraged me to get her fixed ASAP, "the sooner the better".and now she is gone.has anyone taken legal action against this place? What was the outcome?

Monetary Loss: $2200.

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My thoughts exactly. People need to plan financially when they choose to get a pet.


Bobbie, they can accept ANY credit card for ANY amount. The part you are leaving out is that you tried to pay with a CareCredit card, which can only be used for bills in excess of $250.

How did Banfield kill your pet if you couldn't afford a bill of $80? If you can't afford $80, you probably shouldn't have a pet. I'm really sick and tired of people blaming vet clinics for not offering handouts to everyone who can't afford treatment.

Unfortunately, there are SOOO many people who get pets and can't afford their treatment, and the pets suffer. Banfield does have a charitable trust that can be used for people in tough financial circumstances, but it can't pay for even a fraction of everyone who can't pay for their animal.


Band Field just killed my dog.I took her because she took seizures,they put her on meds and needed blood work.I did not have cash,so I offered my credit care card and they refused because it was not over 250.00.She went into cluster seizures and had to be put down.They could not control them.I lost a very good dog over 80.00.

Banfield Pet Hospital

Angelffox, we are sorry for you loss of you puppy, and we are currently looking into this for you. In the meantime, please feel free to call our Client Advocate Team at 877-500-2288 to address your situation.


Just lost my baby after being routine treatment at Banfield. Heart broken and distraught from my loss.

Can you share your story.

I also escalated a complaint. However, to my regret there was no acknowledgement or responsibility taken after a routine exam of a stomach ache resulted in back trauma and my loss.


Id contact the New York Board of Veterinary Medicine in Albany. They will help you and conduct a thorough investigation.

Sounds like an anesthesia death? U said she wasnt even cut...

I am so sorry for your loss