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I had a beautiful cat who was everything to me. She was the very first pet I let into my home and my heart. I bought her the best of everything and so I enrolled her into Banfield's Optimum Wellness Plan thinking I was getting her the best vet care money could buy.

Unfortunately after I enrolled her in the plan I found out she had a horrible emotional reation to the Comprehensive Exam. She became depressed, hid, didn't eat, didn't play and she would shy away from me. It hurt me that she went through such trauma so I talked to the vet and he suggested instead of a sedative maybe knocking her out completely during the exam would be better and the next time it worked! yeah! It meant paying an extra $80 but to me it was worth the extra money.

In 07/09 she was diagnosed with a cancer called fibrosarcoma (?), my kitty underwent surgery to remove the tumor but unfortunately in 03/10 the cancer returned and the vet told us no matter what was done it would always return. I cried so much the day I heard this news I felt my heart tearing. She was my baby and she was so young (5 years). I felt like I hadn't spent enough of my life with her.

So the tumor grew and grew and grew. As of the beginning of July '10 the tumor was the size of a tangerine so I knew it wasn't going to be that much longer. Well one day my husband noticed her acting "unusual" so even though I dreaded the trip to the vet we took her. The vet suggested possibly draining the tumor in order to alleviate the pressure. Since it was a simple procedure I allowed the vet to give her a mild sedative during the draining. *Note I could not pick her up from the vet so I had my mother-in-law pick her up.

After that my kitty's health took a turn for the worse. She stopped eating, lost weight, she never curled up on my lap anymore, she would hide under the bed and never come out. On 07/28 her tumor herniated and started draining, so then on 07/29/2010 I took her in for her final visit and she was euthanized. I never felt so much pain and sadness. She was my baby and now she was gone forever. My husband and I had her cremated since the thought of taking her body home was too much for us to bear.

Several weeks later I called in to the hospital to cancel the plan and they gave me a 1-800# and said I had to call corporate to cancel. I call and the representative tells me that my contract was renewed in July when the vet did "blood work" so because I'm "breaking my contract" I had to pay for 11 months. This "blood work" was a surprise to me so I tell the rep I never authorized such charges and he in a nice way tells me S.O.L. I asked to speak to a supervisor then the rep tells me his supervisor is not there and he has no idea what time he gets in. So after A LOT of talking I find out the hospital decided to do a comprehensive exam on my pet since she was already under sedation. I think I saw red haze cross my eyes and my blood boiled. In the end I won the battle but I lost the war...

I mean why would the hospital do a "comprehensive exam" on a terminally ill cat with maybe a few weeks to live? What the *** would it matter if she had any other illnesses when she had a tumor the size of a fruit on her back? How could they have done such a thing to her? Would her quality of life have been better before her death if it wasn't for that exam? I keep thinking to myself over and over how she must have suffered during that ordeal. My heart was hurting with her loss and now its drowing in guilt for not protecting her better. These people just to make more money put my baby through a horrendous experience and now I have to live with this my whole life.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

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First of all don't listen to Kevin.. he obviously has no business writing on this wall.

I am very sorry about your loss. I wonder, had Banfield ever given you detail of their comprehensive exams? They can be stressful to any pet, especially cats, just for the simple fact that a lot of cats don't like strangers... but these cases are VERY few and far between.

But I assure you if she was already under sedation nothing they did was more invasive than draining the tumor, even drawing blood, which is in your optimum wellness plan (depending on the level) for bloodwork for testing functions of internal organs and such. However, I agree with you in the fact what would have been the purpose of it and that point it your cats life. And still, even if it is on your plan if that is not what you took your cat in for they should have asked you and had you sign the authorization form first. When I hear a lot of people complaining when they have to pay the remainder of the plans in certain situations its frustrating because they don't realize they are paying for services they ALREADY had just throughout the year.

However in YOUR case I feel they should have at the least only made you pay for the bloodwork without the wellness plan discount and taken you off the plan.. however... if you did not even authorize the bloodwork then they should not be making you pay for that either. Anyway, I just wanted to put you at ease that she probably did not suffer from that comprehensive exam before she passed....

But it is a bunch of *** about the wellness plan. I used to work at Banfield and I can say that I am not a huge fan.


your own fault you should have protected the cat better and told the vet not to do the exam. dont blame them for your own guilg, you should be ashamed of yourself, however to make things better i have good news for you, i know this guy that owns a korean restaurant who would be interest to pay money to make a mean out of your cat and i know a homeless person who won't pay money but can feed a family of four if you let him dig up your cat and feed his family with it.