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On October 4th we took our dog to Banfield Pet hospital (Huntington Station,NY) Because she had a swollen area by her tail. We were told at the time that she either had an impacted anal gland or a huge tumor most likely cancerous because of its size.

We were told that she would have to put under anesthesia so her anal gland could be expressed or they could examine the "Mass". We made arrangements to do this the next day. We received a call at work the next day after the procedure that "the news for Sophie was not good she had a very large perirectal mass and needed further surgery, that they could not handle at this hospital. Cytology was sent out and we would know in 3-5 days the outcome, but in the operating vets opinion it was cancerous and growing into the muscles of the rectum.

We were devastated, only to find out when the cytology came back that it was only and abscess and not cancer!!!!!! We were quite relived, but also furious at the original vet for giving us such incorrect information----We also found from speaking to others in the store and the second vet we took her to that this is not uncommon with this particular vet. qwnuI have been trying to lodge a complaint with Banfield but there Medical Director Dr.

Long can not ever seem to call us back when we are available and after 2 phone calls they close the complaint.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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to wait just one minute we were told by that vet that it was definately cancer and they were "not qualified" to operate only by our insistance did they do a cytology---they advised us to put our 3 year old dog to sleep



The vet sent out cytology for a pathologist to verify if the growth was cancerous or not?

And they waited until the results came back before preceding with surgery?

What's the complaint? They followed protocol and disproved the original diagnostic. Had they carried out a surgery, your dog died, or was seriously injured, or you incurred unnecessary fees, then you'd have a complaint.

All you are complaining about is being told one thing only to find out when the lab-work came back, things were not as serious. You should be happy the vet double checked their work out-of-office.


:cry This is ridiculous. I am just experiencing the same thing


I to have run into the inepness of the bainfield disaster. I have contacted my attorney and suggested a class action suite against banfield. guest what, after a week of research he said lets do it!!!!


Your experience was similiar to mine only the dr in Pittsburgh said my dogs tumor was a fatty one. Weeks later it enlarged and i went back only to get the same treatment of slackness and no biopsy taken or further eval. Finally 2 months later I demand treament only to find out it was a very malignant tumor....I was SICK and filed local complaints.

I have spoken to others who used to regularly go to my clinic and they stopped going. Too much lack of trust, staff who were just careless, untrained, uncertified and just winging it.

I also heard they all make a percentage off of wellness programs, that is why they promote them.