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This hospital is located in Ocala, Florida. We took our welsh springer spaniel there because he was not feeling well and the one vet diagnosed him as having a heart murmur grade 6, and that his blood was flowing backwards into his lungs and she put him on 3 different medications.

He was not getting better and that vet left and we saw the head vet there and he said that there was nothing else he could do for him so we took him to the world renowned teaching hospital in Gainesville, FL (Univ of FL Vet Hosp) and he was seen there and when they tried to take his temperature our dog, who has never shown signs of aggression almost bit the lady, due to he was in extreme pain. Now, mind you he has been having trouble urinating (blood in urine) and trouble defacating. After all the testing his final diagnoses was heart murmur and prostate cancer, but that he was too far gone for chemotherapy to help. When my husband called and wrote a letter to the Ocala office the head vet called him and belittled him telling him that he was wrong and basically ***.

I called and complained to corporate only to have them call the vet that I complained about call us again and belittle us again. They convinced us to purchase their insurance package and now that we have lost our pet due to their incompetentcy they are unwilling to refund our money.

Bad company and consumers beware.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

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Although it is horrible to loose a pet, DPN is correct in that the name itself gives away its intent, Wellness Plan, its not a Sick and Injured Plan is it? No.

That is why I carry both a Wellness Plan and Vet Health Insurance to get "full covereage" if you will. So I'm covered for both well and sick times.


i dont understand, maybe its not a misdiagnosis, maybe your dog actully has more than one issue. people get diagnosed with multiple conditions but then its unheard of for pets too?


Amen to what DPN wrote.

Also how old was your pet?

was he neutered?

how old was he when he was neutered?

do you know how inefective chemo is on dogs?

Do you knwo the complications of treating dogs with heart murmr?

I understand your greiving but must you point fingers


you say banfield misdiagnosed your pet, but then say the other hospital confirmed diagnosis of heart murmur. if, and only if, you mentioned the problems your pet had deficating to the banfield doc, they should have been smart enough to do a rectal exam...if they did they could tell if, for example, the prostate was enlarged. by the way, hope you were smart enough to have him neutered when he was a pup...b/c if you didn't this could be why he had prostate cancer.


You people need to read, it's not an INSURANCE package, it is a preventitive care package for HEALTHY PETS, if your pet wasn't healthy then you shouldn't of signed the papers unless you wanted to continue preventitive care on him/her.


I am so sorry for your loss. The same thing happened to me.

My dog was diagnosed with a bladder infection. She ultimately never got better and finally died of congestive heart failure. When I called Banfield to tell the vet what had happened, her remark was "that explains the heart murmur.

Not once had I been told my dog had a heart murmur. Again, I am sorry for you losing your dog.