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Today I took my dog to what was supposed to be an easy surgery, a foreign body stuck in his stomach. It shows in the x-rays, two sets in two days, $319 each.

They quote $2000 surgery, I applied for the CareCredit card, got it. The dog had the surgery and they didn't remove the FB, they were unable to find it. After opening my dog from chest to groin, vet recommended to take the dog to a Board Certified Surgeon.

Vets at Bakefield Pet Hospital are General Practitioners, no surgeons, as Dr. Jaime Sumner told me after the surgery.

Now I am stuck with a very sick and hurt animal,and a $2000 bill in my credit card.

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took one of my shepherds to banfield 6 mths ago was told she had elbow displaysia, surgery would be 1200 or she wouldn't walk. one bottle of glucosamnie and a couple of weeks later, not even a limp to this day.

second shepherd was told he had a broken leg and if he didn't have a $1300 surgery he would never walk again. took him to another vet was told he only had a fracture and it would heal.

one week later he's walking. seems to be alot of "miracles" at my house.


Thanks for your nice comments.

Rusty is a Yorkie, weights 5.6 pounds,he is around 3 years old,we don't know for sure,he is a rescue, he has been living with us only two months.

I contacted the 800 number provided for Banfield hospital, they were nice listening to my complain, but did not give me any solution, still waiting.

Rusty is recuperating from his surgery, but we'll have to operate him again.


Tina101, you obviously can't read and reason, and you sound certifiable to me. You're probably too *** to understand the concept of "INFORMED consent." I've had things misrepresented by veterinarians before several times, and have had to take strong action.

It wasn't because I was ***, it was because they were deceitful and withheld information I should have had.

With your use of profanity (because you have a poor vocabulary)and poor diction, you are probably uneducated and also a druggie. Definitely "low cerebral inventory."


I am so sorry they weren't able to find the object. I don't like to think about any animal suffering. Don't pay attention to these posters who have nothing to do than be dim wits!

Banfield Pet Hospital


We strive to provide our clients and their Pets with high quality medicine and exceptional client experiences on every visit. We apologize that your visit to one of our hospitals was unsatisfactory. To address your specific concern, and to help us improve our overall service, we would appreciate it if you would call us at 1-877-500-2288 to discuss your experience.


wow TINA101 you have no life thats why your here writting *** to people who need help. One day I hope you NEED help and NO ONE will be there for you, you have no soul.

: ) Rustymom I dont think its your fault, I know you did the best that you can by TAKING RUSTY to the hospital that was your job and then they *** it up.....i bet you are a great owner, hope your dog (rusty)gets better much love


If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say it. You writing like you did show me you are uneducated,rude and can't give good enough advice to help someone out.Thank for nothing I can live without your input.


Why are u ***? Did u want it for free or something.

Its not banfields problem why u can't take care of your pet. If u can't take care of ur pet give it to someone who can.and I don't beleave that they did not find anything I'm sure they did they just told u diffrent so you my dear would not look like a unfit the *** do u know its easy are u a *** dr u *** ***