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Banfield pet hospital are the worst very rude staff and the doctors too, I brought In my 8 week old chihuahua to have her nails trimmed and my puppy snapped at the vet . She had the nerve to say she needs time out, well I said to her I have had lots of dogs and I have...
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Maybe saying the puppy needed a time out was the wrong way to phrase it but it is important to start making owners away of any aggressive behavior so that you can get training ASAP. If she gets older and the behaviors hasn't improved and she bites someone they can sue you and/or your pet may be siezed and euthanized!!! It is super important to not allow any aggressive behaour because of this.

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Banfield Pet Hospital Nail Trimming
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Poor customer service
In Oct 2011 I took my dog in to Banfield with what I thought was an injured foot. I had just moved from another state and the dog was fine, within a week of being in the new place I thought maybe she injured her foot somehow while exploring. One of her toe nails was...
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Assuming this is the whole story (i.e you didn't decline to allow the Vet at Banfield to take radiographs in the beginning, that you did go back for the follow-up exams as recommended) it definitely sounds like there was negligence here. Any decent vet would recommend radiographs of the area BEFORE surgery in case there was evidence of a fracture/neoplasia that could explain a persistent lameness.

It may come too late for your pet but I would recommend you aggressively pursue this & ask for a copy of all the medical/surgical records be sent to you immediately so you can have your other vet review them. Then maybe you could both speak the the Medical Director (the Dr in charge of all the other Dr's in a region) for that hospital regarding your concerns for poor quality of medicine that your pet received so that they can make sure the Vets that saw your pet are OK to see other pets or if it would be more suitable to file a complaint with the state licensing board

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Banfield Pet Hospital Nail Trimming

Banfield Pet Hospital in Gladstone, Oregon - Banfield didn't do their job

A friend took her cat to Banfield because her mouth was drooling and she was chewing at her body. She was put to sleep and given a bath, cut her nails (missed a nail) and they checked her teeth. She was given some First Shield to put on the cat. Nothing was said about the drooling. A week later she was taken to another vet and come to find out the cat's toungue had been cut by something that had been around it. Banfield should have caught this when they checked her over. Won't go back to them.
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Banfield Pet Hospital Nail Trimming

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