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My dog had a heart murmur, we took her to the vet to Banfield Pet Hospital in Petsmart and they told us we'd be better off getting the plan because there really was no way of knowing how often she'd have to go to the vet or what she'd need and that this would be much more cost efficient for me. Im a college student paying my way through school out of pocket, I grew up with Emma and I loved her very dearly, I would've paid whatever for her if I had the money, but I didn't, and cost efficient sounded better than continuously paying for office visits, treatments, etc.

My mom took her to the vet for me, over the phone I spoke with the vet and let her know exactly what I wanted done for this appt. That was for her to receive a check up & bloodwork done, which is what the vet recommended. My mother takes Emma and signs up for the plan, and they only do the check up, so I essentially paid almost $70 for the vet to tell me what I already knew about my dog. I make her another appointment for the following weekend so she can get the bloodwork done, a few days go by and they say we didn't really need the blood work done, what we really needed done was x-rays to see if there was any fluid around her heart or lungs and just get a general idea of how bad the murmur was.

Now what bothered me with this was, it was wasting time. I needed a diagnosis for Emma as soon as possible, so she could receive some sort of prescription for a medication for the murmur. The clock is literally ticking for my pet, and Banfield is dragging this out racking up charge after charge for things they "didn't really need." We finally get an x-ray of her thorax, which again, wasn't very helpful, however, she was able to get some sort of prescription from a doggie cardiologist. She takes 2 medications twice a day, after about 2 weeks, I go to work and come home and Emma is gone.

I truly believe that had they not dragged this process out, she could've received medication much quicker, and if it wasn't working we could've tried something else. Banfield took something that should've been taken care of and done in a few hours and made it into over 3 weeks. Granted, I cannot state this with complete confidence, however, this is what I believe. It took over a month for her to receive medication that obviously didn't work.

I made one month's worth of payments and the day before Im supposed to make the 2nd month's payment, I no longer have a pet. However, I was very upset and depressed and did not get around to calling them for a few days. Once I did, I asked if it could be cancelled, and the person very rudely said no its not our fault your dog died you signed a contract and you either have to pay the monthly payments until its over or whatever charges were racked up. Had Banfield done what was absolutely necessary from the first visit, I wouldn't have had to have all of the extra charges on the account.

In addition to that what an awful policy to have. I completely understand that this is a business but if the pet dies the owner should not have to deal with this. It upsets me every time I even attempt to deal with this thinking that had I perhaps went somewhere else or in a different situation my pet would be alive today, she was 7 years old. I've had her since I was 12, and Im 19 now.

She grew up with me and now that she's gone, I cannot even peacefully mourn her death because Im going back and forth with my bank and the customer service representatives of Banfield Pet Hospital. I cannot believe a company would hassel mourning owners or family members, as pets are members of your family for money over a dead animal. All of the awful reviews I see online wouldn't be there otherwise. Is it worth it to get $30-$300 from someone, rather than leaving them with a good experience to tell their friends or choose you as a provider again if they get a new pet.

If I ever get a pet again I wouldn't dare choose Banfield because they're uncompassionate with extenuating circumstances and its cruel. I can assure you that anyone who's had a bad experience with you has more than likely told all of their family and friends, and if posted online, for anyone with internet to see and now they may not choose you and you're now losing out on them signing up because of all of the horribly negative reviews. Ive been looking through and its just countless amounts of negative reviews, and people hoping youre shut down, and I only hope you dont because some families may be relying on your services to take care of their pets and they may not have other options.

Other than that I hope anyone with a choice, chooses a company that actually CARES about pets health and wellness and the owners grief and stress. This company should be ashamed of the practices they use and follow.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Optimum Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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