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I just wrote of my experience at Banfield Pet Hospital, San Juan Capistrano, CA.

I forgot to add that, when the vet learned that I had owned the guinea pig for less than a month, and that he was under warranty, she just said, get a new pig for free.

So according to her, there are no problems, because I can supposedly use the meds for another animal, and I will (maybe) get a new guinea pig for free.

There is a word I learned while watching a murder trial: it's "fungible." Fungible means that one thing replaces another and is interchangeable. So in this murder case, a lady killed her child, then had another baby, and just acted like the new baby replaced the dead one, because there is no difference between children.

So I would make the point that this veterinarian has no concern for my bond with this particular pet, because another guinea pig is just as good. I find this distasteful.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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An additional comment to Poster "LOL":

I happen to be disabled and can't handle anything bigger than a guinea pig. So this is my "dog," so to speak.


Yes, it's true, they squeak and chew cardboard, but that doesn't mean they have no value to a pet owner.

I'm surprised to find people saying "get over it" in among so many pet lovers.

That sounds like something Banfield would say.


First of all don't listen to these people that say its JUST a guinea pig. They have personalities just like any other pet.

Second of all I worked at a Banfield and whenever they brought in a little critter with a prolapsed rectum they euthanised it.

Obviously its not "very treatable." While it IS treatable but not guaranteed he should have warned you the expense you were about to incur may not do the job, and let you decide if you were willing to spend the money on something that may not work. You got screwed, but that's what Banfield does best...


It's a guinea pig. They squeak and chew cardboard. get a real pet and get over it.

Banfield Pet Hospital


Thank you for the additional feedback. I replied to your initial post, but just want to let you know I read this as well. I will pass along internally.


sorry to hear of your loss, as humans we get attached to our pets, no matter how large, or small, or for what length we have had them for.But,

A guinea pig is considered an expendable pet to most people, and food to others.

So everything is relative.

I know this does not relieve any grief you may feel regarding your loss, but maybe it explains the general thinking of many others.