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This organization only purpose seems to be to extract as much money as possible from pet owners. Especially if your pet is ill. All other functions are secondary, bottom of the list is customer service. Medications are over priced, and the staff can't be bothered to fill a phoned in refill until you are standing in front of them. That is if you can get them off the phone.

The "Pet Care Plan" is a ripoff. Every thing our dog needs is extra.

Appointments are a joke and no one takes any responsibility. There seems to be NO management, at least no one that would talk to me about my concerns


Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I love how you put their care chart That is the total definition of irony!!


You may want to talk to your neighbors or friends in your area who have pets and find a privately owned vet clinic you feel comfortable using for your pets care. There's not that much difference in costs and you'll most likely find that both you and your pet receive a more personal level of care.

Surely there must be privately owned and operated vet care clinics/hospitals in your area. Or even a mobile vet service that will come right to your home.


The Wellness plan is for routine preventative care only and its services and coverages are limited as to what's stated in the contract. I'll agree Banfield's medications are higher priced then medications that can be purchased from other big box pet suppliers and pharmacy's.

However, all you need to do is request that the vet write you a prescription and you can have the prescription filled where ever you want. Banfield's Wellness Plan also includes spaying and neutering for younger pets under the age of 6 months old. However, in researching I've found private vets that charge much less for spaying/neutering as opposed to Banfield's $400.00+ for a spay or neutering. As for office visit costs Banfield is in line with most private vets that charge between $35.00 - 45.00 per office visit.

And I don't care where or what vet you may go to medications and other then routine medical care for a pet is expensive. I opted to get actual pet health insurance for my pets as opposed to just a preventive care plan. Actual pet health (insurance) plans offer better coverages and a broader spectrum of medical services i.e. discounts on RX medications, surgical procedures, blood tests over and above what general routine preventive care plans.

In the past I've spent in excess of $5000.00 out of pocket for just one of my dogs. Thus, was my reason for getting actual pet health (insurance) coverage for all my dogs.