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Being a first time puppy owner I wanted the best for my pet. After seeing the financial burden of having a puppy struggling with Giardia and a sensitive stomach I decided to get pet insurance.

Banfield yeses you to death when you sign up gives you a great deal and the insurance even covered my puppies spaying ! I thought I'd got the best thing. Little did I know after I was no longer a new patient they threw me on the back burner. Getting an appointment at ANY Long Island location is impossible.

My puppy was not eating had a swollen stomach and uncontrollable loose stools so being concerned I called to try and get an appointment (on Monday) they could not see me until Friday. And I called 4 Banfield hospitals. After calling corporate and getting in touch with the manager they found time to get me in but told me that I would probably have to sit there and wait for a half an hour even though I had an appointment. Which would not have been an issue if it was on the same day I called.

But they couldn't even get me on that day it had to be two days later. To me and I think every concerned pet owner this is unacceptable and I will never get a plan with them again. Thankfully my puppy is okay now but no thanks to them.

Please beware the Banfield charm. They are overbooked, have long waits with doctors who rush in and out and you will never be able to get the appointment you need in the event of an emergency.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Sorry that your having issues with your new puppies Wellness Plan.

The plan has it advantages as well as its disadvantages. Yes, the plan seems to be a money saving option at the onset.

However, considering the initial cost and the limited coverage the plan itself is very costly in the long run.

I had the Wellness plan and my puppy passed away within 7 months. Other then having her initial puppy shots, fecal exam and brief health check up on her three visits to Banfeild NO other services i.e no spaying etc. were performed.

When I inquired as to any type of refund I was told there is no refund on services not performed due to my puppy's passing.

That in fact, if I had not paid for her Wellness plan in full at the time I would have still been responsible for any other monthly payments due on her plan until it was paid in full.

The free exams sound like a bargain. However, you'll financially well exceed the initial plan cost with all the extra ad on's that are not included as stated in the Wellness plan contract.

I suggest you find a private local vet to take care of your new puppy.


I am switching to VPI they offer emergency and wellness at a low rate. Banfield is a scam and everyone should beware. Thankfully my contract ends soon.


I am glad to hear that. Not to mention, the vet's are usually straight out if school, and cannot even diagnose typical ailments animals have. They over charge, kill animals with their negligence, and money matters more than your pet's well being.


Banfield also performs unnecessary procedures and treatments to generate more money to earn their bonuses. Its sad.

They gave my dog unneeded oxygen and stressed her to death and killed her.

Banfield Killed Missy on FB