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I'm unsure why it posted the location that it did, but that is not even close where I am located.

I promise that I am not blaming or bashing anyone. I just see alot of confusion and complaints about the plans and reactions to preventions that I wanted to clear up.

If you didn't find a resolution at the banfield you had a bad experience at, I hope you try a different location.

As I said, the staff can greatly range personality wise.

If don't want to try another location or give your current banfield another chance, I truly hope that you found a vet that you love. The most important thing is finding a vet you love and that you trust with your pet.

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So I have noticed 2 common things people are complaining about when it comes to Banfield.

1. Wellness Plans- These are NOT insurance. People really need to read what they sign. It specifically states they auto renew each year. If you dont want to continue after the year, then call the hospital and they will give you the wellness plan relations team phone number. The reason for auto renewing is so people don't have to pay the membership fee again, and pets need ongoing care. If you cancel before the year is up, for WHATEVER reason, including a pet passing away, they have you pay the remainder of the months you owe or the services you have already used, whichever is CHEAPER. Again, its not insurance its a preventive care package. Lets say you have used $600 or more in services but have only paid 3mo of payments ($100), How is that fair to them? They are not charging for services you haven't used.

2. Firsrshield & Firstshield Trio- A pet can have a reaction to any prevention, medication, vaccine etc. If a pet has a reaction to something, it does not mean it is a bad product. It means that your pet is sensitive or allergic to an ingredient in the prevention, and you should find a different one to use on your pet. Reactions cannot be predicted. Every flea prevention out there has complaints about reactions. Hartz brand is well KNOWN for killing pets or making them really sick and causing seizures.

Okay. Now that I've went over the most common complaints.

If you have a bad experience at one Banfield, please do not blame them all. Yes, they have the same policies but the staff greatly ranges at each location. There are bad vets/vet techs/vet receptionists everywhere, not just Banfield. But a majority of the Veternarians and support staff, truly care about the well being of your pets and not the money. Vet offices cannot treat every pet who's owner cant afford care, for free. They are a business and if they treated every pet for free who's owner couldn't afford it, they wouldnt be able to keep their doors open. We don't have the government funding that human hospitals have. I wish we did! Most vets, even private clinics, don't do payment plans because even then, people still didn't pay.

What kills us veterinary staff the most is when people bring in extremely sick pets that have something that could have easily been prevented with vaccines, prevention, or a spay/neuter etc

At some point, people really need to start holding owners accountable, not the Veternarians. If you can't afford basic care and have a little wiggle room for unexpected visits, then you should wait to get a NEW pet until you can. Pets are a luxury not a right.

The doctors at my Banfield are exceptional. They truly care about the well being of the pets, and the owners as well. There are people who drive 2+hrs to come see us. We can't help set prices, but we help wherever we can. A few times, we've helped people get medications for a sick pet, with money out of our own pockets. They will never put anything on a treatment plan that they don't think the pet truly needs. Pretty much every staff member at my location, including the vets, have taken home abandoned animals and cared for them with money from our own pockets, then found them amazing homes.We may get a discount, but it's not much and it isn't free.

So many people say vets order "unnecessary tests". That is not true. If a pet was sick, and those tests arent offered and something happened to the pet that the tests could have caught, then you would complaim about that. Its a lose lose situation for Veternarians.

If you have a bad experience at a Banfield location, then please call and speak with the manager. Calmly express your concerns. If you don't get a resolution, then try a different location. Like i said, the staff greatly ranges.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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Thank you!! If you can't afford the vet, you can't afford a pet.

Simple as that. And for everyone complaining about not being able to get emergency care, Banfield is not an emergency clinic.

You don't go to a primary care physician for an emergency. Why is that so hard to translate for some people???


I mean, banfield can handle certain emergencies. But unfortunately we are a small hospital and don't have the equipment for every emergency.


Seriously?! I live in Southern California and there is only one Banfield with decent rating on Yelp and other online rating systems.

I would NEVER trust my fur babies to those monsters! My vet has a perfect rating! She charges half of what Banfield does! Pretty much on everything!

She is a well seasoned vet that is more interested in the well being of her patients than lining her pockets. She works within your budgets also. I know from experience Banfield does not do so. If you do not have the finances for their inflated care, they kick you out.

Ya, real ethical and caring!

Some of the clinics even make fun of for owner's that cannot afford vet care. Why not use that money to help poor owner's in emergency situations? Oh, ya, the employees use it as their personal piggy bank!

Banfield is a business, not a vet office. They are only interested in making money, and not the health of their clients' fur babies health! If they did, they would give a print out if their pet insurance, which is a scam! The services would be reasonable, not inflated!

They would hire seasoned vet's, not green ones out of vet school that have no idea what They are doing! Not to mention using their client's pets as test subjects! Not to mention they hire pet nurses with equally no experience. Top it off with over booking and under staff, and that is most Banfields for you.

You are treated rudely, without compassion, and often times the staff mistress your pets!

They are so incompetent they cannot even diagnose easy diseases like ringworm, kennel cough, mange, sex a animal, allergies! I can even diagnose these and parvo just from working at a shelter!

There are page after page of their incompetence! They do not even know how to properly restrain a dog!

You can make a muzzle out of a leash! How hard is it! Some of the moronic nurses can not even give vaccinations. I can do so in my sleep.

There is no justification for the pain and suffering, not to mention negligence Banfield has inflicted on their clients.

They should be shut down. I refuse to shop at Pet Smart because of their association with Banfield.

There is no "good" Banfield. They all suck.


First, I'm not sure why it posted my location as what it did, but that isn't where I am located.


I'm sorry that you didn't have a good experience. But if you haven't been to all of them, you can't make the generalization that they all suck. There are bad vets and staff everywhere, including private practices. If someone has a bad experience at a private vet, they don't blame all private vets.

I would never work somewhere that I didn't feel the staff was competent and and didn't feel like the vets cared about the well being of the pets.

I can only speak for the location I work at. I would trust the vets there with my own life, and especially trust them wth my pets. Like I stated in the post, we have multiple clients who drive 2+hrs to see us. We've correctly diagnosed pets after a private practice has mis diagnosed them.

Mis diagnosis happen sometimes, vets are human and all humans, even human doctors can make mistakes. The 2 vets that I work with are the absolute most compassionate vets I have ever met. Like I said, I can only speak about my specific location, which again isn't near the location tagged.

As for proper restraint.

That is one of the very first things I was taught there when I first started years ago. Sometimes less restraint is better for the patient, especially feline patients. We do everything we can to make sure the pets, owners and our staff is safe.

All of my staff, including the doctors are in it for the pets. We have never, and never will Mis treat a pet.

We can't help our set prices, but we help where we can.

We never recommend something that they don't feel the pet truly needs and we always try to work within a clients budget.

Unfortunately if it's an extremely sick pet, it may be out of their budget. Like I said, the vets and staff has taken money from their own pockets to help people pay for medications when they couldn't afford it.


Seriously?! Look on any type of rating system.

In all of Southern California there is maybe two half way decent ones.

Banfield is like the clinics which is geared towards high volume and profit based. Doctors see a high volume of patients. Eighty percent of the time, rushing in, writing a fast script, and directing the patient to a specialist is fine. But rushing patients, not taking the time to evaluate their symptoms, and not really listening to their complaints can cost their lives.

Such as in my case.

I had pancreatitis, and almost died because the doctors I saw in urgent care and my primary were so focused on getting people in and out in quick succession, he missed the fact I had a life threatening disease. Which if I had not opted to visit the ER a few days later ata local hospital, I would have died.

This is what Banfield does. The vet's and staff are so overwhelmed with furry patients they miss important information which costs beloved pets their lives. Or they have the nurses do their jobs or do not monitor their patients.

The poor animals get the short end of the stick as do the pet parents when they lose their pets.

My vet charges me 100 dollars for a dental, and ten if any teeth needed to be pulled. She has a small clinic with one on one care. I have Savannahs and Bengals, and one of my Savannahs is a challenge.

They are always nice, and do not charge extra dealing with her diva behavior. They know their names,and I can get a same day appointment. Unlike Banfield she will stay late in emergency. My Savannah kitten somehow managed to get her come off while my husband and I were out.

She opened her incision of her spay. Even though it was a busy Saturday they restricted her up. We were charged 20 more for the inconvenience. It was 150 dollars and her spay was 127.

That includes everything. The cone, pain meds,sedation, incubation, IV, and surgery.

She does help out people that cannot afford treatment also. I have witnessed this too.

I have no understanding why anyone would want to wait forever and be treated poorly when their are so many opted out there.


Like I said, the staff greatly ranges depending on the location. We've stayed late numerous times for emergencies so the owners didn't have to pay the prices of an emergency hospital.

My doctors take their time with each pet. They answer every question the owners have, sometimes multiple times. They explain things until the owner understands. They are never in an appt for less than 15-20min.

We cannot help our set prices.

But we help where we can.

I'm sorry that you don't like banfield. I'm happy that you've found a vet that you love and trust as that is the most important thing


Oh and I need to add we have NEVER kicked anyone out of our office and nobody at my clinic makes fun of clients especially when they can't afford something. We try to help them out as much as possible and work within their budget.

Unfortunately, when a pet is really sick the only way to find out what's wrong may be by doing various testing. Testing and treatment for the problem won't always be in someone's budget. Just because the treatment plan may be expensive, doesn't mean the vets are just in it for the money. Pets get sick, sometimes they need expensive care.

Even at a low cost place, if a pet is extremely sick then the bill can get really high.

Not sure what you mean by "why not use that money to help owners"

The Veternarians and staff at banfields are salaried, nobody in the hospital gets commmsion. So it doesn't matter how high the bill is, it doesn't "line our pockets.

All the money that is made goes to the hospital so that we can keep it running. Machines costs thousands/hundreds of thousands of dollars, then maintenance on said machines and equipment, stocking the hospital with medications and emergency medications, oxygen, anesthesia, surgery tools, and many other expensive things.

We have limited appts. We do surgery in the morning and look at the other pets that have been dropped off.

Appts start at 2pm-6pm. We only have 1 doctor on staff each day. 2 doctors total working at the clinic.

I have been there for years and know pretty much every single owner and every single pet who comes in just by looking at them, as do my vets. Because the owners and pets are out priority.

We even know people's family members and kid's names. We get to know clients personally and many have said we are like family to them. I've called to check on a clients who were battling cancer, had surgery or if I had talked to someone who was sick, next time I see/talk to them I make sure to ask if they are feeling better.

Because I GENUINELY CARE about not only the pets, but their owners as well.