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I took my 2 year old pit bull in for a dental. I told them he had a broken canine but did not know how bad it was.

The vet called a few hours later to say the my dog was waking up from the anesthesia and was taking longer than expected to recover. In regards to the tooth the pulp was visible and I would need to decide what I wanted to do. He said we could talk when I came to pick him up. At that time he said there was a specialist that comes to town a couple times a month and he could do a root canal or extract the tooth.

The cost would be roughly $2000 for a root canal. I left and later talked to my roommate who had worked for Banfield for many years. She said I should have been notified while he was still under anesthesia so I could decide if I wanted an extraction it could be done without putting him under again. Especially since he had trouble coming out of the anesthesia the first time.

She was horrified I had not been notified while he was still under. I took him to another vet for a second opinion (outside Banfield) he quoted me a price of $591 to extract the tooth and he was also very much surprised I was not contacted prior to him being brought out of anesthesia.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Everyone forgets one thing. Do we fire the company?

Or do we fire individuals of the company?

Know agony. But --- *** *** *** WHICH MAKES IT BETTER.


Maybe the Dr doing the procedure did not feel comfortable extracting that tooth? The canine tooth has very deep, firmly attached roots and if the tooth is fractured, but otherwise healthy it can be very difficult to extract.

If it is done incorrectly the pets jaw could be fractured, or remnents of the root could be left behind and cause infection/pain. Because of these risks younger/less experienced Vets may not be willing to risk injuring your dog by 'trying', esp if there is a specialist available. Would you want your family Dr to do your open heart surgery......?

Also maybe the hospital does not have dental X-ray equipment, which would be needed to check that the extraction was done properly. Why not just ask them why they didn't call?


Nice Pitt Bull, too bad your such an *** worried about saving $ and wanting to goto a *** job doctor and then your dog doesn't wake up.

next time get the *** price up front you *** and then ou cant *** about anything.

Any *** knows that, you jjust cant say ok ill take it in the *** and ill pay anything, im sure they gave you a paper for a price range hi/low cost, they always do and they make you sign it.

Stop your cryn, your dog came out alive didnt he? a valid complaint is they killed your pet, you took it in the *** and paid too much, teach you, get a contract in writing next time


Anonymous, calm down please. The Vet or Technician should have called the owner while her dog was still under anesthesia, told her of the problem and let the owner tell them how she wanted to proceed.

Proceed as in take care of the problem then or do it at another time. Anonymous, your response makes you appear as a Troll who only has negative things (with curse words) to say showing no empathy or understanding of what someone has endured at Banfield.