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Bansfield hospital is way too expensive. They charge per visit more then fifty dollars and they raise the exam fee almost every year.

They dont have heartgard pills only the generic kind triheart which are very hard for my dog to chew. They charged me seventy dollars for this cheap brand. Outrageous. Rude manager.

This is suppose to be an affordable neighborhood clinic not a celebrity rich private animal hospital.

Petco offers vetco a much more affordable pet clinic. Ill be going there instead .

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Heartguard & Iverheart are the exact same thing.

The only difference is heart guard is soft, where as Iverheart is hard (but still chewable). & the only other difference is the flavor.

They have the exact same active ingredients and they provide the same exact protection.

Iverheart is cheaper. If you were getting heartguard online, of course that would be cheaper. However, getting heartworm prevention (or any kind of medication) online isn't safe. Heartworm prevention is vet only.

When you buy it online, you cannot guarantee that it came from the manufacturer.

It may look exactly the same, even saying the brand name on it, but it's not the actual product. Meaning it's a counterfeit product.