Have used First Sheild on my 2 small dogd and had no problems at all. All the other, more expensive flea/tick applications i used before are no longer effective.

Ticks can be a problem in my area during summer so i am glad my dogs have no adverse reactions to this product. My neighborhood Banfield vets have been good pet health care providers and are the only affordable option around. However, they are best for primary care.

If your dog has a serious illness or injuriy take her/him to a reputable, full service veterinary hospital. Expect the specialized care to cost a lot more.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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Exactly. Most people just don't understand this or are too cheap and want their 'free visit'.

Banfields are not ER hospitals and can't cope (don't have the staff, equipment and are not open 24hrs, so have to transfer all cases that need overnight or intensive care).

Great for things like vaccines or spays/neuters that can be scheduled weeks ahead of time, but bad for emergencies or sick pets because they are too fully booked to spend much time with them.



I wish people would understand that Banfield is a wellness clinic (i.e., primary care), not an emergency clinic. There's a reason why, when my dog ate chocolate, I rushed her to an emergency vet, not to her regular Banfield vet, even though they were still open.

Banfield's are not 24 hour care clinics, and are not equipped to handle (most) emergencies.

If your leg was hacked off by a lawnmower, you wouldn't go to your regular primary care physician, you'd go straight to the ER. It's ludicrous to expect Banfield to cancel all of their appointments and bend their policies in order to take a case they are unable to adequately handle.