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My dog got in a fight with a cat. Unfortunately the cat got the best of him.

His eye began to swell shut and drain excessively. We arrived at the lake worth, tx Banfield hospital at 5:30 and were told they did not take walk ins. I can't believe and vet's code of ethics would allow them to turn an animal away in the shape my dog was in. When in reality, it was too close to closing time for them to be bothered with him.

Very disappointed. Will not be back nor recommend.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Then LEARN to take care of the SMALL injuries so you dont have to use them. If it was that close to closing they have EVERY RIGHT to deny a walk in.

THEY have animals and family members of their own to take care of. Unless your dog had their throat ripped out then YOU could have dealt with the injuries yourself. It constantly amazes me when people like YOU show up. YOU THINK your situation is the ONLY one in existence and HOW DARE THEY not take into account that YOU are there.

YOU are just mad that YOU drove there ASSUMING that YOU could just walk in and when told NO you take it upon yourself to blast THEM for wanting to spend time with THEIR pets and family. YOU could have CALLED and verified that they would take a last min walk in. Had you done even that small thing you wouldnt have been told no.

TAKE RESPONSIBILITY!!!! YOU screwed up and NOT the vet.


I'd add that it's ludicrous to expect Banfield--essentially a run-of-the-mill doctor's office--to stay open late to handle a legitimate emergency that they likely wouldn't even be able to adequately handle on a day with no scheduled appointments in the middle of the afternoon. As mentioned below, that's what emergency animal clinics.

I mean, I imagine that if YOU'D been attacked by a cat and had a swollen eye that was leaking, you'd go straight to the ER; you wouldn't call your doctor and demand that they cancel all their appointments and stay late to deal with you.


Obviously, if it were a small injury, I would have taken care of it myself. How dare you make a judgement when I NEVER said how bad the injury was!

Again, I will not ever use them again and I did call. They were fine with a walk in until they saw a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Then they became as judgmental as you are being.

Know the full story before judging. Don't assume you know because it makes you feel self righteous to attempt to belittle someones OPINION.


Have you considered that maybe they weren't "profiling" your dog because of its breed, but that maybe when they saw him they realized that it was a bigger emergency than they'd anticipated (or, possibly, than you'd led on...), and that they may have recognized that they were unable to adequately handle the situation due to either a: the time restraints in place (most Banfields are located in Petsmart stores, and are contractually obligated to close at a certain time), b: the lack of actual medical resources available in the practice, or c: both?


Clinics are allowed to refuse walk ins if theyre appointment only. Thats what ER clinics are for

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