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If you want your dog alive, avoid any and all banfields. I thought this one was the exemption, nice clean office with friendly staff but I was wrong and I am paying a very hefty price for my mistake... because of them my dog is now fighting for her life at a hospital and I am spending thousands of dollars with no idea if she's going to make it.

Some background to my story: Abby, my 7 yr old rat terrier, was diagnosed with diabetes at the end of December. Because of all of the issues she was having they thought she might have cushings disease they recommended I do an ultra sound that would rule it out, the doctor kept recommending we take her to her Alma matter in Gainsville!! Where they would promptly charge me 700+ for their services and without taking into consideration how far that is from winter springs (we have since found a local vet office who performed the ultra sound a fraction of the price).

Because I was concerned about her and cushings disease, what this vet clinic was pushing, I agreed to pay 300 for the test, I asked if I should buy a glucose monitoring kit and she sold me on the urine strips instead. After a month of no change in her glucose level, they kept her on the same insulin and recommended weekly glucose curve and another test at $200 per weekly visit.

They also mentioned that we should eventually test her for pancreatitis, with no explanation of what pancreatitis is or things to do with her at home in case she had it... with no knowledge or information I decided that it would be best to focus on getting her sugar levels under control. The moment I decided I needed to see another vet was when I asked a doctor about what signs I needed to watch for warning that Abby was hypoglycemic (sugar dangerously low)... and he had to refer to the notes of another doctor in my discharge papers. I was floored at the lack of basic knowledge in this hospital.

I made an appt for Abby at another vet hospital but she didn't even make it to that appointment, I had to rush her in as an emergency.

Turns out, she had reached ketoacidosis (when blood sugar is too high for too long) because she was insulin resistant and was on the wrong kind of insulin and in fact had pancreatitis. The new vet knew right away as she had too much fat in her blood when they took her blood samples. Something I know for a fact Banfield saw in her blood bc they pointed it out.

I also found out that there is a $50 test that Banfield could have done to test for pancreatitis markers but never once offered.

Too late I found out that Pancreatitis is a curable disease but life threatening if left untreated. If I had known back then, I could have cured it at home and with a low fat diet.

Now she might not make it, because Banfield prefers money over saving a dog's life... instead of offering me options, they were pushing for me to go to their affiliated university hospital.

The worst part of this is, if Abby doesn't make it... I'll have to pay out the remaining of her insurance contract until November.


Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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