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One Star! Banfield Commercial Blvd. Tamarac FL

Tonight I took my dog in he fell off a set of drawers and couldnt hold up his leg. The vet refused to see him even though I arrived right before they closed. I called the vet eight minutes before closing to say I was on my way. I know it was late but Ive never been turned away when enroute to my pets regular vet and arriving before they close except for Banfield! The receptionist didnt listen to what I was saying accurately on the phone and did not convey to the vet my dog was a patient there and had been seen before. Plus my insurance discount was only through Banfield.

Three years earlier they nearly killed him with improperly regulated anasthesia for a dental cleaning! and had to inject his heartrate back to life AND wanted to charge me for the injection!

Plus they forced all kinds of unrelated unecessary tests on him like the glaucoma test and misc. blood tests for insurance purposes that I did not ask for. It frightened my dog so much to be so poked and prodded. Hes so sweet and friendly and doesnt want to go back there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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So you were on the way, 8min before they close with an emergency and you expect them to stay open?

It's an emergency.

That is what emergency hospitals are for. You don't have insurance with banfield, you have a WELLNESS plan.

They would have needed to examine him and do xrays with sedation. That would take over an hour, maybe more to give him time to recover post sedation.

They have families to go home to as well.

They have lives of their own.

As for the part about them "almost killing him with improperly unregulated anesthesia"

Yeah okay. If they were at fault, why would you go back? Secondly, there is no such thing as improperly unregulated anesthesia. Seeing as each patient gets premeds prior that is made for their specific weight and the anesthesia is monitored by how the pet is doing.

If they start twitching, the anesthesia is turned up a little. There's really no way to overdose on anesthesia. There is someone monitoring the patient the entire time. The anesthesia, heart rate, pulse etc.

So they obviously were paying attention and doing their job correctly if they noticed a problem. It's likely that your pets heart rate dropped to dangerous territory, which happens and Its nothing they do wrong. The injection is called atropine and it's to get the heart rate back up. I USED to work for banfield and my own pet stopped breathing as we were extubating.

It wasn't any of the staff or doctors fault. We gave atropine and he was fine.

Bloodwork can be perfectly normal and that can still happen. This is the exact reason an IV catheter should be placed (so they have immediate access to a vein in case emergency drugs are needed) and why they make emergency drugs.


Actually they should stay open, it's a Dr oath that is taken, medicine is not just about a paycheck, it's about the patient and sometimes that means working late. Your post is very ignorant , you should be ashamed of yourself, and I hope you never have an emergency where your loved one is refused care.


No they should not!! Yes Vets and DR's take an oath - but it says noting about staying late or sacrificing you and your families personal clearly have no clue what you are talking.

The entitlement of some people is outrageous!

After hours care (meaning care that will need to happen AFTER SCHEDULED BUSINESS HOURS) needs to be done at a facility that is open such a an ER or 24hrs facility. Expecting multiple people (the vet, the nurses, the receptionist) to all stay late and give up what plans they may have had with their own families because a person is too cheap to go to an ER which will be open and happy to see them, without making it's staff loose quality of life is ***.


Thank you. Finally someone who gets it.

I don't even work for Banfield anymore.

I did for 6yrs but I'm at a private practice now. I did however, love the doctors at my specific Banfield location. They were exceptional and I wish I could take them with me to the practice that I'm at now. I'd trust them with my life.

People need to understand that yes, there are bad vets out there, a majority of them truly care about the well being of the pet and the owner.

There's tons of bad vets at private clinics as well. There's tons of private practices that are more expensive than Banfield.

But a majority of these complaints on this site are outrageous. People who have no clue about veterinary medicine.

I can't even count the number of times I've stayed late. How many birthday parties, weddings, funerals etc that I've missed because I worked late and worked every weekend, both Saturday and Sunday closing shifts.


It's not like every vet office was closed. The person had an EMERGENCY, which is what EMERGENCY hospitals are for.

They closed in 8min, not half hour, not an hour. 8 minutes. He was probably at least 5min away. So he would have gotten there AFTER they were closed.

It's not like they turned away a dying pet.

Also, as I said the dog would have needed an exam, xrays with sedation. The sedative needs time to kick in, roughly 15min or so and then the pet needs time to recover after which can range anywhere from 20min to 2hrs, depending on the pet and medication used. Which would mean they would have been there over 2hrs after they closed. That is absolutely not fair to them.

Also, petsmart closes an hour after Banfield does. Banfield cannot be there if petsmart is closed.

You're the ignorant one, not me. You have no clue how veterinary medicine works.

One night, when I worked at Banfield, there was 1 receptionist, 1 tech and 1 doctor. An hour before closing we had a sick pet there and then we also had an emergency who came in. It was a pet who ate an entire bottle of medication. So we had to not only finish up treatment on the sick pet, but we had to start emergency treatment on the emergency.

During that time, we had another really good client call in with an emergency.

She thinks her dog broke her leg. At that time we had 30min before closing but there was absolutely no way for us to examine that other pet and do the treatment needed. So I referred her to emergency and gave her my cell phone number to keep me updated. She called to tell me that it wasn't the dogs leg, but her hip that was fractured.

She was extremely upset hearing the news and didn't know what to do. I got out of work an hour late, then met the other client at the emergency hospital to console her and figure out what was going on. It wasn't the first time I've met a client at an emergency hospital after I got off work.

I no longer work at Banfield, but yet, I met two different clients from the banfield i worked, at 2 different emergency hospitals 2wks ago (they are obviously former clients since I no longer work there) One of which was at 2 in the morning, right after I'd gotten out of the emergency room myself. So yes, please tell me more on how I should be ashamed of myself.


If you were on your way there only 8 minutes before they closed then what did you expect them to do?? They can't keep a whole clinic & it's staff open/paid waiting for 1 case.

Business just doesn't work that way.

Say you get there just a few mins after closing....well now the vet still has to examine your pet, maybe take x-rays (which may or may not need sedation depending on how painful your pet is), make a diagnosis, get together medications & write up all the records for this visit. This could make them leave hours later than they should. That simply isn't fair to them & their families. Vets have lives too.

Since you would arrive at/after closing time you should have gone to your local Vet ER - that is what they are there for, after hours care. You had unrealistic expectations.

This vets office did nothing wrong.


Considering the issues you've stated in the past, why would you even take your dog back to Banfield. I'm sure there are many other vet clinics or an emergency vet clinic with in a short driving distance located in your area you could have called or taken your dog into to be examined if in fact your dog was requiring critical/emergency care for its injury.

Banfield is not a critical care or an emergency care facility.