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Scams, appalling business practices. Awful.

They told my disabled client he would be getting a free vet appointment. Such a lie. They tried to charge him $101.97 when we were there. They said the free appointment was only with a coupon found online.

No one said that on the phone. They also never told him that it would cost $18.95 for a rabies shot before they'd see the cat. They told him that to swab his cat's ear it would cost $34. It cost $38.67 and then another $3.40 to dispose of medical waste.

They attempted to sell him their wellness plan. This is just another way of scamming people. It is an absolute waste of money with tons of small print. When you just do a little bit of basic math it's clear how much of a waste it is.

When he said no they tried to convince me that it's worth it. I pointed out every flaw with the plan, it's not like they stopped trying though. They tried to get him to pay with a credit plan after that (which is a whole new kind of scam). His total at that point was still under the minimum finance amount.

I wondered how that was possible big discovered this morning when I tried to get some meds for the cat online. Turns out, cat meds need written prescriptions. It also turns out that they won't write prescriptions at Banfield. You have to buy all the meds there.

They mark up one med by 548% and the other by 50%.

If you have the time and money to deal with this, go for it. If not, steer clear.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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You guys are mean. Cats in many states, as in California, are not required to have a rabies shot, so depending where this happened you could be wrong.

Secondly, it is well established that Banfield is nothing more then a money grubbing, inept, company that cares less about it's patients. The vets are *** and cannot diagnose anything. How much Banfield makes, it would not hurt to help out needy and disabled patients. Oh, yes, you *** uppity vets look down on any owner that cannot afford your exorbitant fees.

Well, considering the vets that work at Banfield are the McDonald's of the veterinary world, I would not stick my nose up to high.

You all suck, and most do not deserve to even be vets! Try to find a ounce of compassion, oh, wait, you work at Banfield, you have none.


Did anyone read that this is a disabled person and someone who doesn't own mammals?! Does anyone understand extreme poverty?

Wow. I posted here because I was appalled by the way they pressured someone who was mentally disabled to buy things they can't afford.

I'm now also appalled that this website appears to be a place for people to explain to other people that they are *** for having an opinion. If you don't like my complaint that's cool, but I still firmly believe that a disabled adult was taken advantage of.


You have every right to complain. This is a complaint website.

*** Banfield vets! They suck!


Yes, owning a pet is expensive, but I don't see how a rabies shot could have been an unexpected cost since they are required yearly, or at least every the years of your area offers the the year shots. I'd the shots were not up to date, then the vets office is required to administer them at a fee to the owner.

Most vets offices charge at least $25 for this. Add fat as the disposal fee, that's pretty common too. Perhaps everything in that "trash can" was for proper disposal.

I understand living on a budget, but being a pet owner, you have to make allowances for unexpected costs, since they do happen.


I don't own mammals and they are disabled. We didn't have a clue. You're missing the point.


um if $18.95 for a rabies shot that the pets should be getting anyways is too much then perhaps they should NOT be having pets? I know that might sound cruel but if such a small amount is such a burden then why take on the responsibility of a pet.

they're not like kids who can learn to take care of themselves and tell you when something's wrong. tell your friend to be glad it was so inexpensive compared to some vets.

as for the script I would look into that as I don't see how they can't write one but can dispense the meds there?

for that I would definitely follow up on with someone in the know. but again as for the price if that little amount is a burden tell your friend he might want to give up his pet.


Dont listen to these horrible vets that come on here to bash pet owners. They make nasty replies to pet owners who complain about Banfield but they will never give their name.

You do NOT need to give up your pet if you cant afford a rabies shot! Call your local Board of Health and ask if they are having a free clinic anywhere. You can also go to a Petco or local animal shelter for low cost shots and spay/nuetering. Just dont go to a Petsmart!

In addition, there are numerous charities that help people in need afford their vet bills. You can find a list on my website

You do not need to go to a Banfield to get a free 1st office visit. Go to a VCA Hospital, which also has a coupon online for a free first visit. I have taken my dogs to a VCA Hospital and used the coupon.

They didnt try to force anything on me.

I didnt spend a cent.


I don't see you giving your name either...

@Logical One

I will give my name..its Michelle


Not my friend, my client. They are developmentally disabled and I would never say such a rude thing to them.

As a person who doesn't own mammals I would never take this "common" thing into account. The point of this complaint is that a special needs adult was repeatedly pressured into spending money on services his animal didn't need.


But if the pet did not have an up to date rabies vaccine then it did NEED it. By law!

It seems like you are missing the point. It's a public health risk to have an unvaccinated animal like that.

Not to be mean but if he's that far special needs that he can't understand this then someone else need to take full responsibility that animal. For it's sake and for his so he can't get sued if it bites someone.


It's not the rabies shot in question it's the fact that they attempted to swindle a disabled man. They tried to get him to open a credit account for goodness sake.

That's really screwed up. If you don't think that's wrong then I'm sorry you don't agree. I didn't come on her to be told how I'm wrong and my client is wrong and so on. I came on here because I found their business practices to be highly unethical.

Don't think so? Cool, you're certainly entitled to that opinion.


And then the pet would have its head cut off to test for rabies. $18 sounds like a bargain compared to that.


How does an animal NOT NEED a rabies vaccine?? It's required by law.


Actually 18.95 is very cheap for the rabies shot.You do not have to buy the meds there you just ask for a script.That was also a very cheap price for a ear swab.I dont get the wellness plan by the time you make all the payments it exceeds the cost of the preventive care so I pay as I go.All in all that was a very cheap pet visit other vets would charge 400 dollars or even more for all that was done.They probably told your client about the cupon and printing it out over the phone.You probably did not even ask for a script when you were there.Of course you need a script for controlled meds..It is the law.Otherwise all the junkies would go to to score.Banflield saved my cats life on a walk in when i could not get an appt.anywhere else that fast.She was bleeding to death.They operated right away no money down and when we got the bill were very suprized at the resonable cost.If you think you were ripped off call around and see what other vets charge you will be floored.


While I appreciate you taking the time to read what I wrote I do not appreciate your inaccurate assumptions. Although $18.95 may be cheap when compared to other prices it is not cheap when someone is surviving on very little money.

It is also quite expensive when it is an unexpected expense that wasn't budgeted for. The same goes for the swab. The medical waste disposal fee was absurd as they were swabbing an ear and tossing the swab in the trash. The vet bill, when analyzed comparatively is actually more expensive than the bay majority of vets in the area.

No, I did not ask for a script while at the office as I did not think ear drops would need a script. When I called back today and asked for a script they said it is against their policy to write a script. As far as the coupon goes, my client made the phone call on speaker phone so I could coach him through the process. That's my job.

The same was done a week and a half later when he called to verify the price. Today I asked around about other prices amongst coworkers, family members, and friends; everyone agreed that the prices were unreasonable & the business practices are appallingly unethical.


Just so your 'client' knows.....getting a rabies vaccine should in no way be an unexpected expense since it is a LEGAL requirement in ALL states that pets be kept up to date with this vaccine. This is for the health and safety of not only the let but also the owner and any people that come into their home or into contact with the they if they had a clue about animal care & laws they should have at least expected that!


You people disgust me. He has Down syndrome, no he doesn't know.

Get a clue. Secondly, I don't own mammals and therefore do not know "common" things about caring for mammals. Why the *** do you find it appropriate to berrate those who post on here without actually comprehending what they've written? Clearly neither of us is familiar with the laws that go with owning common household pets.



Every year you have to get shots and a check up for your pets.It is just common sense.This is not an unexpected expense.I hope you had the cat fixed.A cat I got had a severe problem.It cost over 600 dollars and I gladly paid it to save the cat.What would your client do if his cat had an emergency?sometimes an emergency can even run a couple thousand dollars.I am sorry to say if your client can not even afford shots how can he afford the cat in the first place?Did your client even pay to have his cat licensed? More than likely not because the cat would need more shots than just rabies...distemper,fiv etc. It is the law you know.Is this cat even microchipped?What if it gets out?All and all I think you and your client did not really think through getting this cat and all the responsiblity it involves.If the cat had an emergency is your client in his condition able to handle it or will he flip out?A cat cannot survive on just love.I am a cat lover myself but I am sorry to say if your client cannot do all of these things it is time to rehome that cat to someone who can.


They are liars. The Banfield that killed my dog used to write her scripts which I filled at Walmart.

Sometimes Shoprite and other stores will give the first month of antibiotics for free as well, you just need the vet to call or write you a script. Go to a free VCA Hospital visit and get a script.