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So I'm assuming that you've been to a human doctor before. You know when you go into the exam room and the nurse and the doctor take your vital signs, you know, temperature heart rate respiration rate.

They ask questions and that notes and give you ideas of the possible condition or illness that is going on. That's called an exam! So yes Services were done you may not have had your eyes open enough to see that.

If the battery was not working that's sad however at least the hospital was nice enough to give you options and try to work with you. And as for them sending you to collections a lot of companies make you send an invoice straight to collections at the end of the day because they're not allowed to leave an open invoice.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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And your point is? Perhaps I'm missing something, but your post really makes no sense due to the lack of any direct factual information regarding Banfield.