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I had to find a new vet after my previous vet's office closed, since Banfield Vet Hospital was close to my residence I thought I would give them a try. I scheduled an appointment for my 20 year old cat first (who has taken both a steroid pill and was on daily antibiotics for 8 years).

The vet kept insisting that I should get her off meds and have her teeth extracted. Due to her age, her feline lukemia and other significant issues with her, I did not want to put her under any necessary strain. The meds worked and had for eight years. The vet kept insisting that this is what I should do, even though I was not going to do it and was very clear on my reasons why.

The meds were refilled for one time only. After I ran out of the meds 6 weeks later, I was informed that they would need to see her again, so after paying for another office visit, was once again bombarded with the reasons for the tooth extraction and her dismay that I wanted to keep her on the medicine. She kept insisting that I save up the money ($2,000.00) to have this done. Sadly, my cat died three months after I started going to Banfield (due to her age and other issues).

Banfield, I found was more concerned about making money and less concerned about my cat, they are pushy with their wellness plan and their idea of what was best for my 20 year old cat. My dog was seen by another vet at this office and while she was less pushy (probably because I was already prepared for what was to come and insistent on my 11-year old dog's care) but still tried to push their agenda.

I would compare Banfield to a chain dentist office who insists that you need braces at 60 years of age.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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