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Vectra Dr is a horrible medicine to kill ticks. I've been reading the comments about this product.

There is more bad then good comments. Dogs have horrible side effects. Some have died. My dog is sick .

She had Vectra D given to her. Now she is on 2 antibiotics for 2 weeks her stomach is in complete shambles, had to get a shot . Vomiting and diarrhea came 2 days after her dose of Vectra D. Never this sick before.

I've been reading about this product. It's too strong for a dog's system. Alot of dogs can't take it. But when you find out weather they can't.

It's usually to late for the dog. Either being really sick or death. This product should not be on the market. My vet said she could be stressed or had gotten into something.

No . My dog is a family member. We need to take this seriously. She also developed a fever of 103.7.

I'm so upset with this. But yet the product is still on the market????.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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A pet can have a reaction to anything, even something natural. In the 6+yrs I've worked in veterinary medicine, I've seen way more reactions to natural things and natural remedies than I ever have flea/tick/heartworm prevention sold at the vet.

You can find horror stories on every single flea/tick/heartworm prevention out there.

Just because a pet had a reaction to something and got sick, it doesn't make it a bad product.

2 years ago there were articles going around about how trifexis (flea/heartworm prev) kills pets.

However, NONE of the deaths were proven related to the product. Alot of the pets had underlying medical conditions.

Also, don't believe everything you read online. People just want someone or something to blame.

You never know where they purchased the product either. TONS of people buy flea/tick/heartworm prevention online and that's dangerous because there's no way to know it came from the manufacturer. In fact, alot of it doesn't and that makes it a counterfeit product. I'm not saying that deaths can't happen because they can.

Just don't believe every horror story you read. The two brands to NEVER USE are Hartz and Sargeants. They have been proven to be toxic and I have no idea how they are still sold (mainly at walmart) I will say that because she didn't start getting sick until 2 days after, that it is a definite possibility that she could have gotten into something when you weren't looking (lord knows my dogs are sneaky like that) or she could have just gotten sick as dogs do. So before bashing a product, make sure you know for a FACT and have proof to back it up that it was the product that caused her to get sick.

I'm very sorry that your pet got sick. I truly hope she makes a full recovery and has no further complications.