Spanish Fort, Alabama

My dog has been stuck in a kennel for 8 hours for three shots. I have never had to wait this long for my animal and I have been a customer for 6 years now.

The vet herself was rude, condescending, and just plain *** to me and I in turn lost my temper.

Poor service.

This is the worst visit ever

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I just had to comment on the comment regarding only one DVM being the only DVM scheduled for a shift. I don't know what other clinics or privately owned vet clinics do regarding their DVM staffing.

But I've personally never seen less then 4 DVM's at a time scheduled on the board per shift at my local Banfield clinic.

Considering the amount of pets scheduled to be seen on a daily basis at a Banfield clinic. It would impossible for only 1 DVM to handle any shift alone.

I go into Petsmart to purchase pet food on a weekly basis and I've never seen less then 3 individuals handling the front desk, at least 2 vet techs and 4 DVM's.

The check out line at my local Petsmart is directly across from the Banfield clinic reception desk and waiting area with full view of the Doc's on duty names on the LARGE display board schedule. I've never seen less then 4 Doc's scheduled on duty and listed on the board at any time.


I was a vet at Banfield and made the schedule. We routinely had 1 vet days. A 2 vet day was a luxury.


Worked at a Banfield before. Open 5 days a week, one doctor day all 5 days.

When there is only one doc, appointments fill up very fast. That's where drop offs are beneficial.


Well, we only have 2 doctors who work at my location. The last time we had a 2 doctor day was over a year ago.

I'd kill to have 3-4 doctors. Shoot, id kill to have 2 docs on the same day.

We also only ever have 1 receptionist working at a time. The morning one from 7am-3pm and the afternoon one comes in at 12 pm to closing. They overlap for 3hrs, however in reality once each one has taken lunch it's only 1 hours.


1 tech from 7-noon sometimes 3pm. One from 8:30am-4pm. One lab assistant 7:30am-11am. 2 closing 1 at 12pm one at 2pm.

Our schedule?

8-10 drop offs for comprehensive exams. 3-4 surgeries.

Not to mention the sick/injured pets who drop off. Then non stop appts, with no breaks from 2pm until closing.

Then add in the emergencies every so often who show up.


You were lucky. I used to work as a Vet for Banfield in a major metropolitan area for several years & quit because I was their only full time DVM for >8 months after their other DVM also quit due to too much stress.

I was supposed to see 20-25 scheduled appointments each day, plus the surgeries, plus the walk-ins, plus call back all the owners with questions & labwork results, plus approve the pharmacy requests.

We would have a 'relief DVM 1 day a week and would be shut on Sundays. It was *** and it was ruining my marriage because I would would be hours late getting home every day, would never get time off, would never even get a lunch break!!

So much happier in a private practice. This is a *** company to work for, they only care about the profit and not their employees.


I'm sorry you didn't have a good vet. I would definitely give the location a call and speak with the manager.

As for your pet being there so long, I know it's frustrating.

However, there is generally only 1 dvm working a day. They see between 20-35 patients a day by themselves.

Around the holidays it's pure madness at vet offices. I've worked at one for almost 6yrs and it never fails to be crazy busy around the holidays.

There are alot of illnesses (because owners feed human holiday meals to their pets), injuries (because of family coming over, kids and pets getting out), and tons of emergencies.

When a pet is dropped off they are taken out by the techs and the techs do their exam to make sure there's nothing that the doc should be made aware of, they get their temp and heart rate. Then, in between their surgeries and in room appointments the doctor examines the pets who have been dropped off. Sick pets and injured pets are generally the first to be looked at.

The pets are given water & taken out to potty. This at least, is how my clinic is.

Remember that your pet isn't the only one there. There are sick and injured pets that may come first and only 1 doc. With so many pets, that all need different things, 1 doctor can only do so much at once. Was your pet also there for the comprehensive exam?

Usually that is lined up when their vaccines are due.

If so, those particular exams are scheduled as drop offs because they are extensive and take more time than a general exam. Hope in the future you have a better experience


There is no reason for ones pet to be left at a Banfield clinic for several hours unless the pet parent is unable to be there with their pet for a scheduled appointment time due to their work schedule. The only other time a pet may be required to be dropped off early is for a surgical procedure such as spaying/neutering in order for the pet to be prepped pre surgery and monitored post surgery.

Banfield gives the pet parent the option of dropping off their pet for routine check ups and routine vaccination office visits in the event the pet parent is unable to be present for a set scheduled routine appointment time. And as with any doctors appointments due to unforeseen issues with another patient, one's specific set scheduled time may vary by 15 minutes to a half hour longer wait time.