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Im dealing with thia right now in VA Beach. The vet there diagnosed my yorkie wish Cushings due to an LDDST she did this knowing very well my dog does not do kennels and is highly stressed when in one therefore we never kennel him EVER.

he has dilute urine for over a year so after spending over 600.00 on urine tests, the Dex test she calls me and tell me he hadls Cushing but she didnt know what the results meant and had to LOOK UP RESULTS... then told me she doesnt handle Cushings because most owners cant afford the 4k charge for meds and repeat bloodwork.. that right there signaled red flags. I took my yorkie to another vet who did her own workup and my dog had a freaking UTI!!!!

Smfh.. So she wanted me to cram chemo drugs down his throat when it was a uti and his LDDST was a false positive because he was stressed being alone in that kennel. this is the 3rd time she has misdiagnosed my baby and Ive called her on it everytime... They are uncompetant.

not to mention she basically told me if i didnt pay for the meds hed die soon. I was mortified. They are all about money while im in tears at the diagnosis they are telling me how much... meanwhile none of my dogs labs were off..

they were actually perfect and the uti was masked and a blood test saw it. Ive even seen them pull urine off the floor with a syringe and say oh its sterile its fine.. The vet techs are ***.. parson my french.

there is one that is AMAZING the rest are horrible and dont care at all... ive considered filing a complaint cause had I not trusted my gut those meds would have been pure poison to my baby.

Not to mention they dont care when your pet is sick nor will they make room to see them. I cant wait to get the documentation from the 2nd opinion vet I took my dog too because it will show the incompetence of these vets

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I love how "Banfield" employees always defend that gross place. You are not a vet tech but a vet assistant!

As Banfield is to cheap to hire qualified employees.

Poor dog was about to be treated for a disease he did not have. Yes, the vets are *** that are fresh out of vet school.


There are many vet techs AND vet assistants working for Banfield. And several vets with years of experience.

I personally know a vet with 40+ years working at one. Generalizing does not help you.

Even the ones fresh out of school, every vet or doctor has a first day.

Doesnt make them all *** on Day 1. They did do the whole vet school and national boards thing.


Your post is extremely hard to read. You can't diagnose a UTI on a blood test. Has your dog gotten better with this UTI treatment, or are you just assuming the other vet is right because the treatment is easier?


I completely agree with you. I'm a vet tech.

1st, you cannot, in no way, shape or form diagnose a UTI based on bloodwork.

Especially not from the Cushing test.

2nd, you can get a perfectly normal reading on urine that is picked up. Not always, but it's not impossible. We've had to do that from the floor or table. There's dogs that will not give a sample when walked and who we would rather not poke.

Obviously if you get it from the floor or table it won't be "sterile" but they also know what to look for in urine and can tell the difference if it's something from the floor or if it's really an infection. If it's not conclusive, they can pull a sample.

3rd. So many times I've seen/heard ppl say (especially on here) that Banfield "misdiagnosed" because they got a second opinion (which ended up being a cheaper visit.

Partially because Banfield had already done the labs!!!) And that vet said their dog was fine. Yet, tons of times, it's actually the 2nd vet who misdiagnosed. But ppl of course would rather listen to a vet because they were cheaper and didn't do testing.

I worked for Banfield for 6yrs.

They aren't a good company to work for, but honestly the two vets I worked with were phenomenal. I learned everything I know from them and I'd work with them (as long as it isn't at Banfield lol) anyday.