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Horrible place,starting with the manager Lauren ,my dog got injure close to his male organ at the time that he was getting groom around 10:30 in the mornings, I got a call from the grooming place around that time,so I called them around 3 1/2 hours later.I was told that they had not taking care of him jet,I ask why not? They put me on hold.I decided to go there rigth away.I got there I asked to see my Dog,the front desk person went inside twice and came out twice without telling me anything,finally they brough him out,The Manager LAUREN came out and I asked her when were they going to take care of him?,she did not answer my question and kept talking, I told her just to give me a stright answer,she was not answering my question.I tlod her that if she wasn't going to answer my question that I did not wanted her talking to me, she wen't and call the manager of PET SMART ( ROB) The worse manager I have ever had to deal with, I ask him to ask her when my dog was going to be takindg care of,he was not helpfull at all,just got me more upset,to make the story short.LAUREN decided not to treat my Dog .I was send to Westfield 30 minutes away.AWFUL experience.I called the police to file a complaint so I can take Pet Smart and the Baunfield vet clinic to court, My dog is 11 years old ,we had him since he was 12 weeks old ,He is part of the family.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You didn’t call for 3.5 hours? Also Banfield is not Pet Smart.


That's because Lauren and Amanda are 2 of the biggest *** to walk the earth.


Wow! The compassion for her dog is awe inspiring by the Banfield staff!

So glad Pet Smart and Banfield truly care about the animals in their care. Why I do not shop or ever let my animals any near those cold hearted meanies.


I've already left a comment regarding the dog. However, I did have a chance to read a few more replies that have been since.

I'm going to assume the reply left regarding only one vet on staff was posted by a Banfield employee due to the factual information contained within the reply.

i.e. Only one vet on staff. I find this rather concerning. How is it possible for only one vet on staff at Banfield to physically treat on an average of 30+ animals in an 8 hour period of time.

I can't comprehend how one vet can handle morning surgeries, i.e. spay/neutering general wellness appointments, walk in's, charting etc, etc.

It's alarming that any vet clinic/office with only one vet on duty could medically, physically and mentally handle so many different areas of medical care with accuracy in an 8 hour shift.


We do just fine, and every pet gets a thorough exam.

There are many clinics out there, non banfield clinics, who also only have 1 doctor on staff that treat the same amount of pets.

It's also not an 8hr period of time, it's 13hrs.


An Ex- employee. Most vets and techs leave after 1-2 years due to the high pressure and pushy management.

It is not a good place to work, but most people employed there that are not management genuinely do care about the pets & try their best under almost impossible pressures..until they burn out.

You get harassed by management for not selling enough or seeing enough (like you can possibly see more than 1 pet every 15 mins and do anything even resembling good quality medicine) & you get harassed by the clients who expect everything for super cheap and to be seen whenever they feel like it with no waiting...when you are always OVERBOOKED by management anyway! It's a no win situation.


I worked there for 6yrs . The two doctors I worked with were absolutely phenomenal.

We were one of the only locations in my area who had the same 2 doctors for over 6yrs. I won't even tell you how long one of them was there, you wouldn't believe it lol

I won't ever work in corporate again though. Banfield does need to learn a few things. One is how to treat their doctors and their employees better.

If they did, there wouldn't be such a high turn over rate. But corporate doesn't care.

We had probably 5 different managers in the yrs I was there. I can't even count the number of receptionists and techs who came in and left. The last manager we had, was absolutely amazing tho.

My doctors truly did care about the patients and the clients, as did I. We had numerous clients who drove anywhere from 30min to 2hrs, just to keep coming to us.

A number of times one of my doctors took home pets who's owners wanted to euthanize, but she would ask them to sign them over to her (not the hospital). I took home a dog the first month I was there and tons of abandoned kittens after that.

My other dvm and I took money out of our own pockets to help an 18yr old kid who had a pup with parvo. I helped numerous other clients out by paying for meds, a microchip etc.

There's so much more but I'm not going to list it. I'm sure you did the same thing. A majority of our clients were actually amazing.

Of course there will always be "those" types of clients lol but we didn't have anot outrageous amount of them, luckily. So it kills me when people lump all Banfields together, even now when I no longer work there. Because my doctors were amazing. It kills me when people on here say everyone who works there is a horrible person.

There's just so much vet bashing on here and in general these days. It's usually by people who have no understanding about veterinary medicine.

It's also the reason veterinarians have the second highest suicide rate. Even tho I'm not there anymore, I still keep in touch with alot of the clients.


First of all the grooming facility is responsible for the cost of medical treatment due to your dog sustaining an injury while in their care and during the grooming process. The grooming facility should have sought medical attention for you dog after notifying you if in fact the injury was of a serious nature requiring sutures and or immediate emergency medical attention.

Most grooming facilities have knowledge of or can use a nearby vet in the event of a medical emergency of a pet while in their care.

Banfield is not an emergency pet care facility.

If your dog required immediate medical attention due to a severe laceration/cut, you should have taken your dog to an emergency vet hospital/clinic. However, in reading your post it does not sound as if your dog was profusely bleeding due to the cut/injury he/she sustained.


Simply...you have no case against Banfield. You cannot take them to court for refusing to treat your pet.

They are a private business & legally they are able to decline to treat whoever they want. They are also a very very busy hospital, normally seeing 30-40 pets per Dr per day and a minor injury would be seen AFTER all the other pre-scheduled appointments or emergencies that their own clients are having.

If there are significant injuries you could get PetSmart Grooming to pay for the costs of the treatment of those injuries, which they normally volunteer to do anyway. That is all.


It was a Saturday. Your dog isn't the only one at the office.

There are other sick/injured dogs who need to be seen as well. Ones that probably had been dropped off earlier and had appointments.

Yours was obviously not an emergency.

I work at a vet office and it was absolutely crazy today, as most Saturdays are.

We had multiple surgeries, multiple sick pets, multiple injuries dropped off AND a fully booked schedule in the afternoon.

We got out over an hour late. We have ONE doctor on staff.

The only person who does treatment is the doctor, so of course the manager didn't treat the dog.


It's not Banfield's fault that a groomer cut your dog. They have their own appointments and emergencies to deal with.

Also, it would be pointless taking either to court because the injury was not intentional. In the case that a Petsmart groomer accidentally injuries a pet, Petsmart will already pay for any medical treatment needed.


Exactly. Not sure why my comment wasn't posted (after I submit a comment on here, I get a notification it's being reviewd) .

I had commented that their pet also isn't the only one at the hospital.

There's tons of other sick/injured pets who are more emergent than hers, that have been there longer and also people who have appts.

I wish people would realize their pets aren't the only ones who need care. It's also usually only 1 doctor per day seeing about 20-30 patients.