Palm Coast, Florida
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Our puppy is 7 months old and we've had issues with out local Banfield Pet Hospital and Pet Smart groomer(Palm Coast,FL).For days after his 1st vaccinations his hind legs were very weak and could barely walk.We tried multiple times to contact vet and no one answered the phone.We left messages and none were returned.Fortunately it cleared up eventually. We took him to get his nails done at the groomer in Pet Smart and he was scared and tried to get away and I cried when I saw them trying to man-handle him.

They cleaned his ears while there and now I'm told he has an ear infection. He was neutered 2 weeks ago and I was told they were disolveable stitches..keep his cone on and keep them dry for 2 weeks and he'd be fine. Now my poor dog is having trouble holding his urine and pees all over. When I went to bring him home he pulled away from me and when I tried to pet him,he acted like he was scared and he keeps moving his mouth open and closed as if in some discomfort.His bottom teeth now overlap his upper lip and they didn't before.

We have made multiple attempts to contact Banfield yet again, and AGAIN either no answer or no returned call.

If someone is reached they are rude, argumentative, say they passed the message and hang up. TWO WEEKS and still getting avoided.If this were a human it would be malpractice!!

Reason of review: Poor pet care and customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Animal treatment, Very poor customer service.

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