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Want to warn any pet owners. Don't ever go to Banfield pet hospitals.

We went in for annual shots, spent $273 and they didn't even give his shots. They want us to come back in two weeks for a second exam and possible starting antibiotics for ear infection. Which will be more money. Then back again in two weeks for exam and shots.

We were told the initial visit would be $234 for exam and shots. Pretty sure they are fishing for money. By the way the initial treatment they are doing for ear infection, Steroids.

This nurse is not happy. Please pass along don't get taken by Banfield.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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So according to your complaint, it sounds like to you, vaccines are more important than the ear infection.

Obviously your dog's ear infection is extremely bad if they need to start with steroids. That means you've let the infection so bad that they aren't able to put medication in the ear.

That's not their fault.

That's YOUR fault for letting it get that bad before taking the dog in. Which I may add, you didn't even bring him in for that, you just brought him in for vaccines.

If you hadn't waited so long to get treatment, steroids wouldn't have been needed and your bill would have been alot less.

When you go in for the recheck, the office visit price will not be the full price. It will be a recheck fee which is usually about $15 less than the initial visit.

Pets cost money & require vet care for more than just vaccines.

They need an exam once or twice a year just to be sure they are healthy. They need to see the vet when they are sick, which can cost alot money, especially if you don't get them seen right when the problem starts. So they aren't just "fishing for money" as you put it. Again, it's not their fault you waited until your dog's ear infection got so bad that they can't even put medication in it.

Yes, he will need a recheck, which is as I said above, a recheck fee lower than the regular visit price, to check the progress on the ears. Yes, you will again need to pay another office visit fee when he finally is able to get vaccines as a pet should be examined the same day as a vaccine to make sure they are healthy enough for said vaccine. It's not Banfield that does that. Any GOOD vet requires office visits and rechecks.

So don't blame Banfield when it's clearly NOT their fault, it's YOURS. No, I don't work at banfield.

I did for almost 6yr but I don't anymore, nor do I particularly care for the way the higher ups treat the staff. I will say though, that my 2 doctors I worked with were phenomenal.


If the initial treatment for ears is steroids, that usually means the ear infection is so bad and chronic that the canal is swollen closed and meds cannot make it in. AKA neglect