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My dog had worms, tapeworm I think. Took him to petsmart I asked them over the phone, how much they said like $50 to $80 I can't remember honestly. Well I get there, they they needed to do a test, I'm like fine no problem, they asked if I had proof of shots, I said no, but my dog did have his shots just no proof. They said they needed to give him shots before the would see him, I said fine. All was good I'm thinking 100 to 150 tops. came back and said swipe your debit card here, I said I only use cash. They said it was $450 if I didn't set up a payment/wellness plan. I'm like wtf seriously? They are extremely lucky I didn't cause a scene. They told one thing on the phone after all is done, it was something else.

I was passed!

I'm lucky I had $600 in cash on me! But what if I didn't?

Well I was pissed swore, I'm never taking my dog there again, they kept calling me and I ignored them. But finally I picked up, they said my dog was due for shots, I'm like sorry but I'm not paying y'all hundreds for shots. She said no it's free because of your plan so that was a relief. But they are nice at both locations I've been too, other some *** clerk accusing me of stealing my dog from her friend, seriously like your friend is the only person with a blue nose pit bull in Dallas, I rescued my dog 2 hours away from the store. That also pissed me off.

But whatever.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Truth, you only needed a stool sample...100 percent true. However, if your dog hadn't been seen there before legally they do need to do an exam.

Also, they definitely should have given you an estimate or at least suggested calling to get your dogs records. For obvious reasons they can't just take your word your dog is up to date on vaccines, but that information can easily be obtained so they should have offered that to you.


All they really needed was a stool sample. You didn't even need to bring your dog into to be seen.

If they had refused to just test the stool sample, you should have contacted a privet vet's office in your area.

If in fact your dog was up to date on all of his/her shots. They most likely over vaccinated/dosed your dog with unnecessary vaccines just to make a few bucks.