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For my son's birthday I adopted a Burmese kitten for him. He was so excited and elated. As many shelter pets our new kitten contacted a URI infection. I took her to the shelter were she recieved antibiotic and a antibiotic shot. Sadly, this had little effect, and she refused to eat or drink. I was force feeding her. I had shopped at a local Pet Smart in Long Beach and had gotten a free visit to Banfield. I set up appointment. I arrived with my son and kitten. The girl at the desk seemed to want to be anywhere, but at work. She was not welcoming or warm at all. She handed me paperwork and told me to fill them out. I did so, and handed it back to her. She did not seem to notice since she was gossiping with another employee. I sat down and we waited... Waited some more.. A hour passed and we were called back. We then waited in the room... This continued for quite some time. The pet nurse or whatever they are popped in. She was friendly. She took the kitten out to the front to weigh her. The moronic front office girl was supposed to have us do that but forgot. She then did a cursory exam and questioned us about our visit. She was great. Sadly, she started in on the insurance plan and how great it was. I told her I would need to discuss it with my husband. She left. Once again we waited...See rhe common theme here? I was so irritated I was about to leave because my son has ADHD and he was getting antsy. Finally a haggard looking vet power walks in. He does not introduce himself or try to establish a connection. He walks over to the kitten and fires off questions, barely gives me a chance to respond. He mentions this great Wellness Plan, mubbles something and leaves. I look at my son like WTF!?

The pet nurse comes in with a bunch of tests he wants to perform, it had over priced suppliments, and I know I could get them cheaper elsewhere. Their treatment plan was ridiculous! I approved what was necessary, which changed pet nurse's tune. She tried to guilt trip me. I straight up told her I know I can get the other suggested medication cheaper elsewhere. In the end I approved the antibiotic shot, rehydration treatment, and antibiotics. When I was checking out the clerk refused my husband's bank card. I had to waste more time and pull the money out of a ATM. The receptionist was snotty too. She was trying to lecture me after I came back with the money I was cheap for not letting them financially rape me. She was being loud also. It was rude and embarrassing. I finally had it and told her the suppliments I could get for a third of the price and their prices on medication was outrageous. I did not understand why anyone would want to deal with the long waits, the rude employees, and the impersonal vets. If steam could have come out of her ears it would have. My kitten was basically tossed at me. As was the bag of medicine. The witch did not bother explaining the doses or anything. A few people actually left and vowed not to bring their pets back. I opened the bag and it was the same antibiotic the shelter had given me. I marched up to the receptionist and demanded the vet give me a steonger antibiotic. That this one did not work. She refused. She told me to leave or she would call the police. My son was close to tears. I felt bad for losing my temper and scaring him.

Our cat just deteriorated. I thought she was going to die. A friend told me to try a shelter vet thst saw animals in certain days. Banfield had drained my financial resources. I took our sick feline and there was a long wait. I chatted with the many other people there. Finally we were called. Our cat had pneumonia, not a URI as the vet at Banfield told us. He was very understanding, and kind. He introduced himself and let me explain her symptoms. He knew just by listening to her breathing what was wrong. He ordered rehydration, a antibiotic shot, and stronger antibiotic. He also explained what and how to force feed her. It was a fraction of the price of Banfield, and she was better in two days!

I never complained to Banfield, this was some time ago. But is just a example how horrible they treat people and animals. At the time my ex husband and I were on a tight budget. I think it is wrong what they charge, and trying to guilt trip you into products you do not need.

Just because I could not afford their over exaggerated supplements did not mean I did not love my kitten. How sad a shelter vet has more compassion and empathy. I hope these clinics close down. I should have made a complaint. But why, they do not do anything. Banfield only cares about money, and ripping off concerned pet parents.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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That was not me. I did not call the receptionist any name, but I sure wanted too.

The yelling upset my son because my his father was abusive and he has memories if that has a child. His father had no qualms about assaulting me in front of our sons. I should say mine since I am the one raising them. He was upset the moment she started yelling at me.

So maybe employees at Banfield should understand, that sometimes yelling causes stress for children in other ways.

To the employee there are few good Banfields as there is one with great reviews. But there are so many private practice vet's with cheaper prices that do give quality care.

But some are horrible. I am glad you work at a nice one, and that they have ethics.


Funny calling someone a girl aka a child when you result to childish namecalling.


Huh are u bashing this poor woman? I've seen what vets do to animals, I've lost a few just because they don't know what they r doing!


I am so sorry that you had such a bad experience.

I work at Banfield and I always hate to hear when people have a bad experience, even if its not my location.

My staff is nothing like this. We can't help our set prices but we always work within the clients budget. We are more than happy to write a script for them to fill a med at a human pharmacy if they cannot afford antibiotics with us, or if they've previously gotten it cheaper elsewhere. Because the most important thing is the pet getting better.

I've been there for years and know pretty much every pet and every owner that comes in. My staff, including the vets goals are to help the pets and clients. We truly love what we do. I love mostly all my clients.

Again, I'm so sorry for your bad experience.

Please give that location a call and speak with the practice manager. Even if you won't go back, they need to hear what happened.

I'm glad that you found a vet that you love and I'm happy that your kitty is better


I'm so sorry that you had a bad experience and that you were treated that way.

I work at a Banfield and can say that while we can't help our prices, we always try to work within the clients budget and never guilt trip them. If they can't afford a prescription through us, we are more than happy to write a script so they can get the medication at a human pharmacy because the most important thing is the pet getting better.

We have people who drive 2+hrs to see my vets. I could never work with a staff like you prescribed. I've been there for years and know pretty much every pet and owner that comes in.

I really hate to hear when people have a bad experience at a Banfield. Just because I know that my specific location is so awesome and caring.

We sometimes will have long waits.

Just the other night an emergency (dog who wasn't breathing right and who's gums were extremely pale) walked in during our appts. Of course we immediately took the pet to the back. I walked in to each appt room and let them know that we had an emergency and we would be with them as soon as we got her stable. They were very understanding.

The office you went to should have notified you if they were running behind or had an emergency.

I'm glad that you found a vet that you love and that your kitty got better. I apologize that you had such a terrible experience with banfield, even tho that's nowhere near where I live.


You are not the only one who has had problems at Banfield. I will never spend another hard earned dollar there.

My pets now goe to Pet Doctors of America.

They are Great! And, the people in the office have organization skills, lacking at Banfield.


I know how sad is that! They do not even want to be nice about it either!


At least you were able to find a vet who could diagnose your kittens medical issue correctly and treat it with the proper medications.

The medical field isn't like it was back when I was a youngster in the 1950's. The entire medical industry these days is focused and based on its financial gains as opposed to compassionate patient care whether it be human or animal medical needs. Its nothing more then a business and its all about making money.