South Saint Paul, Minnesota

I am writing to you in severe frustration due to several situations I have encountered with your Maplewood, MN facility.

Let me tell you a little bit about the situation at hand.  I brought my 4 year old black Labrador in because she had been vomiting over the last 24 hours and was not keeping food or water down. She also was not going to the bathroom.  I dropped her off early in the morning and was advised they were going to assess her and do some lab work.  She was going to be seen and taken care of by Dr. David Thomas, DVM.  You advised me that if anything additional is needed such as X-rays you would contact me.  I showed up at your clinic around 3:30 pm to pick up my dog and Dr. Thomas advised me that all of her blood work was within normal range.  Dr. Thomas did advise that she had vomited several times in their care. He also advised me to go pick up Pepcid AC at my nearest pharmacy and monitor her for the next 2-3 days.   If she was not better than I should call and schedule an appointment.   I was not comfortable with the answer however I trusted Dr. David Thomas as my Vet to give me the advice needed to care for my dog.


You charged me $284.72 for that visit and all you did was blood work and had my dog sit in a kennel all day.  Within a half hour of leaving your facility my dog began vomiting again 3 times in which now there was blood in her vomit.   At that point I made the decision to immediately take her to the emergency vet.   Vomiting blood is not normal.   When I arrived at the Animal Emergency and referral Center of Minnesota in Oakdale and provided them with my Labrador’s symptoms she was immediately brought back for x-rays.  Within a half hour we had discovered by the X-ray that she had a massive intestinal obstruction that needed to be operated on immediately.   The vet advised me that she didn’t have more then 12 hours to live.   Had I followed your doctor’s medical advice and waited the 2-3 days Dakota my Labrador would have likely either passed away overnight or in the early morning hours into the next day.   I went ahead and had the emergency clinic to the operation that ended up costing me $3,742.81.


What is your protocol for a dog brought to your clinic that is not responding to food or water, hasn’t gone to the bathroom and has vomited over 20 times in the last 24 hours?  You just put them in a kennel run blood work and send them home with some acid reflux medication?  It is hard for me to believe this is the proper protocol for a dog with these symptoms.  As my frustration built up and my bills were climbing I decided to call the manager at Banfield and ask some additional questions.


When I called the Maplewood clinic your staff seemed to question why I wanted to speak to a manager which only upset me further.   They eventually took my information and let me know they would have someone contact me. I was contacted by Dr. Taylor who is the chief of staff at the Maplewood clinic. After stressing my frustration and upset at the lack of care the clinic had provided me she had responded that they would use this situation as a learning experience. She advised me that Dr. David Thomas was a floating physician and doesn’t primarily work at that clinic.   This just infuriated me further.  

So you’re telling me that this learning experience that now has cost me $284.72 at Banfield and $3742.81 at the emergency clinic is just a learning experience.   And that medical advice he provided would have cost me my dogs life. How is that ok, and how are there NO repercussions for something like this?

I was not happy with that answer and I stressed to Dr. Taylor that this was not ok.   This was a huge mistake and one that would have cost my dogs life had I not acted quickly and brought her to the emergency vet.

In the coming days I was advised that Dr. Taylor would bring this to the board of directors and would contact me back.   Again your response was that it was a lesson to be learned. You did refund me the $284.72 however then I was faced with the decision to stay with Banfield who nearly killed my dog or find another vet.  

I was referred to St Paul Pet Hospital by a friend who also had a horrible experience at Banfield years ago and took her dog out of your care.   Switching clinics was an added expense but I felt I had no choice as I could no longer trust you with caring for my dog. I would no longer allow you to treat my dog for any injury or illness as you proved with your poor judgement and lack of care you are not able to do so.

Because your Veterinarian chose not to treat my dog properly I was forced to make the decision to take my dog out of your care. This decision also came at a cost.  

To join another clinic it cost me $91.95. You also chose to charge me for canceling my contract with Banfield and that cost me $69.90.

So let me just show you what your Vet’s “learning experience” cost me.

$284.72 for my visit on 11/19/15 to Banfield (that was refunded) $3742.81 for my visit and emergency surgery on 11/19/15 to Animal Emergency and Referral Center of MN $69.90 to terminate my contract with Banfield 12/2/15 as I’m no longer comfortable having my dog in your care $91.95 to start a new plan with St Paul Pet Hospital my new clinic

The total cost that I encountered for this was $3904.66.


Had Dr. David Thomas taken the proper precautions and protocol and completed a simple X-ray. This would have saved me thousands of dollars.   My quick thinking and gut feeling that something was not right saved my dog.   Not your veterinarian with years of schooling who refused to do a simple X-ray to confirm that my dog had an obstruction.


What are you going to do to make this right? Are you planning to compensate me for your veterinary’s mistake?

I have attempted several times to connect with the people locally at the Banfield in Maplewood and they refer me to the customer advocacy team in the corporate office and when I am finally able to get through to them after holding for close to 30 minutes they tell me only the management at the local Banfield can assist me. I sent this letter exactly one month ago via certified mail to the corporate office and haven’t received a response. When I mentioned the letter to the customer advocacy team they didn’t know anything about a letter.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You're joking right? How do you still have the nerve to ask if they are going to compensate you, when they already refunded you?

I'm sorry, but they should not have to pay the price of the emergency surgery.

Vets are human, they can make mistakes.

That being said, if the bloodwork was normal and if the pet didn't show any signs of pain during the physical exam, then alot of vets would have tried the conservative route.

If you didn't like their answer/recommendations why didn't you request xrays?

I bet if your pet didn't have an obstruction, and they had done xrays, you would be on here complaining about the vet recommending "unnecessary tests".

It's a lose lose situation for a vet. They are damned if they do, damned if they don't.


even of the dr wouldve done the x-rays they most likely wouldnt have been able to do an emergency surgery and your pet wouldve been referred to an emergency clinic. they gave you a refund for the 285 you spent at the visit so what more do you want from them to rectify the situation?

you expect them to pay you 4000??

if your pet needed surgery you wouldve had to pay the emergency fee anyway and they shouldnt have to compensate you to start getting care at a different clinic. im sorry you had to go through all that you did, but be realistic.


This isn't uplifting to read. First off Banfield is NOT an emergency care facility that one takes their pets to if a pet is in medical distress.

That's what emergency vet clinics are for and that's what the DVM's who work at emergency clinics have specialized medical training in.

Considering the medical issues your dog was having you should have not even second guessed yourself as to the immediate (emergency) medical attention the dog needed.

Banfield is a general care wellness clinic. NOT an emergency care vet facility for a pet showing signs of or in acute medical distress.


Seriously?! I would have taken my cat to my vet for these symptoms and assume as a licensed vet they should be able to diagnose a seriously ill pet to one that just has a stomach ache!

Is that not why you take you take your animals to the vet? I only take them in once a year for a check up, but besides that, I expect my vet to know if they are seriously sick and it is just something that do is not agree with them.

By the way, I know my animals enough to know if it is serious or not. But any vet worth his salt should know too.

What do Banfield get their vet's, "Reject Vets R Us?

Oh, my vet diagnosed when my cat was seriously ill. She is a half decent vet and actually good at her job.


Oh, especially for over a 200 dollar price tag! I live in the wealthiest towns in California and my cat jumped out a second story window.

For a Xray, vet consultant, pain meds, kennel fee, was all under two hundred. Bayfield robs their customers!


I am very sorry for your fur baby that was misdiagnosed. These people did this to me in 2013.

Since my past experience in 2013 with my Goldendoodle, and 2015 with another pet, I purchased a private plan for dog insurance. I recommend Trupanion or Healthypaws. I'm thankful your knowledgeable vet was able to operate and save your beloved.

After 25 years of dealing with Bainfield, they are truly Wellness only and I will never take my pets back to them. Sending up paw prayers for you and your family, Patty