Whitehall, Pennsylvania

I am typically not one to complain and I am as flexible as possible to try and avoid confrontation. However, tonight I gave my 45 pound, 11 month old puppy his monthly first shield trio-- typically he isn't a fan of it and shows annoyance but I figured he was just being a typical puppy.

About an hour ago I applied the medication to the base of his neck and all of the sudden he took off like his *** was on fire.

Literally sprinting around the house and salivating everywhere. I let him outside thinking he's just revved up that I put something foreign on him. I watched him a full 2 minutes sprint all through my backyard. I picked him up and gave him a bath and he immediately calmed down and seemed less aggravated.

I looked up ingredients and reviews of this product and saw nothing but awful feedback. I've never been a fan of Banfield but I fell for the "puppy package." I will never go here again once my plan is up and I will never again put that poison on my dog.

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