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So I spent an hour at Banfield the other day and had to listen the people discuss their displeasure with the length of time they spent waiting for service. Like going to my personal doctor I always plan on spending an hour or so waiting to be seen and then in the exam room with very limited patient care. I asked the one fellow who had only been waiting for 25 minutes what the problem was, he informed me that he just wanted *** shots for his dog and why did he have to wait. He then told me about this website, which he was going to post on later. I had to think to my self that he had enough time to post a rude comment over something that he had control over and that wasn't wasting his time. I descided that I was going comment on the wonderful service that I recieved from Dr. Michelle Tramell and her nurses. I didn't have an appointment but didn't have any other time this week to bring dog in for what seemed to be a serious issue. I just called up and 25 minutes later I was at the hospital, fortunatly for my old boy it wasn't as serious as I thought it might be. One of the other ladies told me she drives an hour to see Dr. Tramell and has been since Petsmart opened, she didn't know why they changed their name but she loves Dr. Tramell and staff and so do Barley and I.

Keep up the great work and service no matter what these other people say.

Lexus Man

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Is he even old enough to use website? He wants shots for his dog, and does not want to wait for the people who came before him.

I can't wait till this child writes on the website he will get an earful.

Really it seems like this eight year old child trapped in a man's body expects special treatment and to before those who came before him. An adult can be patient a child cannot.