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Went 2 job interview was refused job due to your. Dress code i*m a.

Reglious person. A wear skirits only i felt like i was discriminated against.

Ps follow up on this. Emai joydean818 phone # is 918 508 3588 thank your for your time

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According to Title VII, section 12 of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, I do not believe Banfield violated your rights. Am employer is allowed to refuse religious wear if it threatens the safety or interferes with job function.

Since support staff is constantly knealing, crouching, and laying over dogs, a skirt would be inappropriate attire.

I can think of several restraint positions that simply cannot be done in a skirt (even a long one) without compromising modesty or safety. Employers are not required to hire employees if their religious accommodations would interfere significantly with job function.


It is unsafe to work in this type of job without pants and closed toed shoes. Pretty much goes for almost all the med field.


I'm not affiliated with them at all but this seems silly. Banfield is a Vet hospital.

All staff are expected and needed to be able to safely and comfortably work with and help restrain animals. Even the receptionists need to do this. You will be constantly bending down, getting on the floor with pets, etc, so it would be very difficult to do this in a dress/skirt (whilst preserving modesty) and without getting you or the pet all tangled up.

It's just a common sense dress code...which a private company is entitled to have. Nothing discriminatory about that, just like if they don't allow jewelry.