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I used to go to a local Banfield in Colorado and loved them. I just moved to San Diego and went to the Banfield #0140 at 3396 Murphy Canyon Road , San Diego, CA 92123 and had the worst experience.

My Min Pin was recently stung by a bee. I took her to a local ER for immediate care and Banfield for her follow-up. I made an appointment and arrived on time. It took nearly 40 minutes to be seen by the Vet for a whopping 3 minutes. When the tech came in and spoke to me, she quickly took a glance at my dogs teeth and after a 2 second look said her teeth needed cleaning - I told her that I wasn't going to get their preventative care since I have VIP Insurance. When the Vet came in - looking like she just wrestled with someone in back, her lab coat looked like it hadn't been washed since she got it - she basically scolded me for not their preventative care and then proceeded to give me information that was in contradiction to what I have been told in the past.

As we were getting ready to leave, she stated to bring my dog back in for another follow-up - in a couple days. I went to the second follow-up and thankfully saw a different Vet, but the horrible experience continued. The Vet 'strongly' recommended my Min Pin to get her shots to get her up to date - this would be fine if she hadn't just gone through Anaphylactic shock.

During the second visit, another tech looked at her teeth and even used her nail to scrap the teeth - and as I suspected, her teeth were just fine and didn't need a cleaning - even though the first person during a 2 second look said otherwise. RIP OFF

After another hour long appointment, they charged me over $200 for the shots and a full office visit - even though it was a follow-up - and refused to honor the previous Vet's recommendation of a second follow-up.

Had I known they were going to make the second appointment a full appointment and not a follow-up, I would have waited so my Min Pin wouldn't have to go through more poking so soon after the bee sting.

To top it all off - they took my dog in the back for a good 30 minutes to give her 'shots' that I can't guarantee she even got since they weren't administered in front of me.

I will NOT recommend Banfield Pet Hospital to anyone as it seems that all they want to do is charge you for unneeded procedures.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

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Anonymous I agree same thing here in West Palm Beach Florida the dog had 8 teeth at time of cleaning the pulled 3. Cost more with the plan then if I was paying cash. I even asked the girl how much would this have cost if I did not have the plan and it was 30 dollars cheaper? The wellness plan is a complete ripoff.

Going to Bandfield for five years is all day affair, does not matter when you go typical wait in the lobby is 1.5 hours. I've walked out of two appointments and told the staff to reschedule me. Both Times there was no-body in the lobby and 3 of 4 exam rooms were empty.

The final straw came when I took the dog into Petsmart to get a haircut, they said they cannot do it because her rabies expired last month. Banfield is inside the petsmart store

They said talk to a manager he may give the OK. After waiting for an hour the manager shows up to the store. He said "its our policy the dog has to have rabbies shots".

I said so store policy overrides what Banfield Doctor said no more shots because your Dog almost died last time when we gave her shots? He said its not our problem, store policy is policy! I said OK..

Ok. Where is the logic? 14 year inside 12 pould poodle no contact with other dogs or cats and they want her to have a rabies shot within only 5 teeth. I decided that was the last straw. If you want to run customer away you have succeded.


You are ignorant. You brought your dog to Banfield, and complained about them examining your dog, and "looking at your min pins teeth?" You should know the "techs" are doing their job, they are supposed to CHECK everything, teeth too, even if you ARE there for a "follow up" They are just doing their job.

Shots are given in the back for restraint reasons, not to "Fool you" into thinking we gave them vaccines and didn't. Many owners will proceed to get in the way while administering vaccines, causing their pet to squirm and jump on the needle and causing hematoma's. Theres also those owners who doesnt think their dog will ***, and muzzles etc due to high stress will need to be used, and thats not appropriate to some owners, regardless if their lil "princess" is trying to ***.

All procedures that they recommend to you are for YOUR PETS benefit - None of them are pushed unless its important. Youre just a *** poor pet owner who cant take responsibility for owning an animal if you dont wanna pay for things it needs. THEYRE JUST LIKE CHILDREN. Are you going to let you dog get yellow teeth tartar build up and gingivitis until it turns into periodontal disease?? NO you take them to the dentist to get them cleaned, and AVOID INFECTION.

You people complaining are the same people I see in the rooms, with animals with all sorts of issues, and no care because their owner is a cheap fckk who doesnt wanna pay to have their ears cleaned right, or their fecal taken so they dont have worms.. DO US A FAVOR AND DO NOT GET ANYMORE PETS, YOUR PETS NOW ARE PROBABLY MISERABLE with the lack of care youre denying them.

Banfield Pet Hospital

Hi Anonymous_75 - Thank you for taking the time to let us know, and I'm sorry that you were unhappy with the care you received at our San Diego hospital. We try to provide affordable care while doing a thorough job to take care of your pet.

Could you please call our Client Advocate Team, toll-free, at 877-500-2288 or email cat(at)banfield(dot)com so we can talk this through in more detail?

We look forward to hearing from you at your convenience. Most sincerely,Lisa Banfield Online Community Manager


I had the same type of experience at Banfield in Winston Salem, NC. I was told I needed to purchase their plan since my dog desperately needed to have his teeth cleaned (he was 2 yrs.

old at the time). But when it came time to have them done, they said they couldn't do it because they did a blood test and it showed a high liver enzyme. I was told that since I paid for the plan that included the teeth cleaning that they would recheck my dog's blood work in 6 months and if it was ok they would then do the cleaning. After waiting the 6 months, they said they wouldn't cover the blood work since I had already used the 1 blood work per year on the plan.

They knew this when they told me to wait 6 months. They pushed everything possible to get money but when it came down to it, I paid over $103 more dollars than I would have paid without their plan.