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Banfield's "free dentals" always costs me about $1,000. The free dentals used to be free, except for extractions.

Extractions are $150 each. They doubled the price from years ago. Now they charge for x-rays and a panoply of other services that are usually required for dentals and used to be free. They have figured out how to nickel and dime the customers from a fair deal to overpriced dental care.

The last three times I have gone to Banfield for free dentals for cats or dogs it has cost around $1,000. Good vet care is important and I have liked the veterinarians at Banfield, but their pricing is outrageous. They price their services like University hospitals and their services are not the same. When we have emergencies they throw up their hands and send us to the University.

I believe it is their popularity and their overpricing that is causing vet prices to surge nationwide.

These are just my opinions. I am darn tired of paying too much for my "free dental."

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Some states actually require dental radiographs now, Banfield has no choice in that case. Sadly, some dogs with severe dental disease need extractions, and those can be expensive depending on the tooth. Single rooted teeth, which are usually lost first are cheap, two or three rooted teeth are difficult and usually last longer in the pets life