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I purchased First Shield Trio for my dog at Pet Hospital. The Dr.

On staff applied the first month's dosage. Since that, my dog scratched more often. I went back 2 weeks later to ask for a refund and same Dr. Told me to give it time and tried to get me to buy unrelated services for my dog.

I then applied the 2nd month's dosage before the time was due to see if it would work, but my dog kept scratching. Finally, I bathed my dog myself and pulled at least 37 fleas. She has now stopped scratching. Since the bath, I've called and also gone back to Banfield asking for a $60 refund of this Trio and I even took the dead fleas with me to show them my dog "did" have fleas and their product didn't even slow them down.

But they keep telling me they cannot refund me because i've used 2 month's worth of the product. And they keep telling me i need to also treat my house, my dog's bedding to which i've replied, Yes, i've since bombed n sprayed and vacuum every couple of days. But First Shield Trio has not killed any fleas on my dog at all. It doesn't do what it says it does, but Banfield won't refund me.

What should i do? This is just wrong.

Product or Service Mentioned: Schuyler First Shield Trio Flea Control.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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My dog has an allergy so she will still itch with first sield. Have your dog test for allergies


It is medication from a HOSPITAL. You would look like a fool if you did that to your doctor. what they said -->


So I worked at Banfield for 6yrs, I'm no longer there. I absolutely hate topical flea preventions, but if I did have to use one, firstshield would definitely be the only one.

It was honestly the only one that was working.

However, as I said I don't like topicals. Try comfortis, trifexis or bravecto (Banfield doesn't sell bravecto tho). Comfortis is an oral tablet for fleas and intestinal parasites it lasts one month.

Trifexis is an oral tablet prevents fleas, heartworm and other intestinal parasites and also lasts one month. Bravecto is an oral soft chew that prevents fleas and ticks for 3yrs. If your pet is already on a heartworm prevention, see about getting a prescription for bravecto.

As for the fleas that the dog currently has, you can purchase capstar at petsmart. It's an oral tablet that kills fleas for 24hrs.

It's safe to use with a prevention, as it doesn't prevent them just helps kill the ones on them for 24hrs. I believe you can safely use it a couple days in a row.

Fleas have multiple life cycles. If there is an infestation, then it can take 3mo or more to get rid of the infestation. So they were correct about needing to treat the yard, house, bedding etc.

If you don't do all of that and completely rid the infestation, then it doesn't matter what flea prevention you use, it will not work.

You can track in fleas on your shoes and clothing and not know.

Fleas have been extremely bad this year. Get a couple super cheap flea collars and put them in your vacuum. You will need to vacuum daily for a few weeks. Wash all bedding (yours and the pets) in hot water.Also wash any toys that can be washed.

If they can't, throw them out. Have someone come out and professionally spray the yard. Front and back a couple times. As for getting a refund.

Honestly, it just sounds like you have a bad infestation and as I said, it can take 3+mo to get rid of it and no flea prevention will work if it's bad. However, you can try calling the corporate office and also calling the firstshield manufacterer to report it. The only way to get refunded would be getting corporate to okay the hospital to refund you.

Since flea prevention is a medication, they cannot just give you a refund in the hospital as you cannot refund medications once they have left the hospital. Good luck and I truly hope everything works out for you


Thank you for your advice! I bathed her myself and I applied Frontline topical on her back.

It's been 6 days now and she is not scratching anymore. I've vacuumed, sprinkled flea killer powders and sprayed flea killers, I wash all sheets every 3 days. It was upsetting that Banfield tried to make me think I was not doing all that I could, just because they did not want to refund me.

Cold temps are setting in now and i've read that fleas go dormant in cold temps, so i will wait til next spring to have a lawn care company spray my yard for fleas n ticks. But I sure will do it!


Honestly, I'd still have them come spray now. Just to get rid of the infestation you currently have.

As for Banfield, I'm sorry they treated you that way.

Whenever someone would tell me whatever prevention they used wasn't working, I always NICELY asked them if they had treated the yard, house and pet. if they didn't, I'd nicely let them know what I told you. There's just no excuse to ever treat clients badly or be rude to them. No matter what.

I was there longer than anyonexpected, except one of the 2 doctors. I knew every pet and owner by name. In fact, I once had a client call and he said "Hi I'm calling about my dog" He didn't give his name or the pets name, but I recognizedon't his voice and said "oh this is about (insert pets name) right?" He said "dang you're good! Is this (insert pets name) girlfriend" haha

I live in CA and none of the over the counter topical preventions have been working.

Frontline being the worst. When I worked at Banfield, we had tons of complaints about the frontline. But I'm happy that you found something that is working for your pet! Itching is miserable (I know because I've had hives for 4 days lol)

Just remember when applying a topical prevention make sure to wait 48hrs after you bathe (or 48hrs before you bathe) to apply it.

They need the oils on their skin to absorb it (:

If you have any cats, or get any in the future, revolution (they have to be seen by a vet first, because it has heartworm prevention in it ) is the absolute best for cats. You don't really have to worry about heartworm in cats, but I like revolution for them because it's less oily than the rest of the topicals. Also, if you have cats & dogs, you will want to use an oral prevention for the dogs as the topical flea prevention for dogs is extremely toxic to cats. Even a tiny drop can be fatal.

I don't like revolution for dogs because first, if you are going to use a messy topical I personally feel it should cover ticks too.

Revolution isn't labeled for ticks in the US but covers just 1 kind of tick (American dog tick) off label. Also, I don't trust topical heartworm prevention. To me, I don't think topical heartworm prevention lasts/prevents for the full 30 days. But that's just me lol NEVER use Hartz brand for cats or dogs.

It's known to kill pets. In fact, don't use any Hartz products. I see you are in illinois (I have family in pekin/peoria!) And out there, heartworm is super common. If you don't already have your pet on a heartworm prevention, definitely get them tested and start them on it.

find a vet that does the 4dx snap test. It tests for lyme, Erhlichia, anaplasmosis (all 3 tick borne diseases) & heartworm. This test is only needed once a year, as long as your pet is on heartworm prevention each month. Year round.

Heartworm is transmitted by mosquitoes. They have an injection called proheart that lasts for 6mo. Or you can do monthly tablets. I'm terrible at remembering monthly, so my 4 dogs get the injection lol Also, ticks & wildlife are prevalent there as well.

Ticks can carry 3 diseases and pass them to your pet. Lyme disease, Anaplasmosis and Erhlichia. There's a vaccine for lyme disease. Leptospirosis is also something I'd talk to your vet about vaccinating for.

They get this by coming in contact with wild animal urine (raccoons, opposums etc). Lepto is a zoonotic disease, which means if your pet gets it, you can get it from your pet. So next time you see your vet, talk about the lepto and lyme vaccines. They aren't core vaccines, and we don't really vaccinate for lyme out here unless the pet goes hiking in heavily wooded areas.

My vets always recommended the lepto vaccine though. Hope everything works out for you!


Oops! I just noticed I said bravecto lasts for 3yrs.

I meant 3 months! LOL

Guess that's my que to never post online when I'm tired


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