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Update by user Mar 23, 2016

So I just spent quite a bit of time reviewing the reviews on Banfield Pet "hospital" to employees that admitted they were employees Kudos to you for your honesty! But the reviews of Banfield are overwhelmingly Bad and from personal experience I am with them.

I responded to a comment from Banfield asking me to call in, which I did. I spoke with a very sympathetic young woman. The outcome was the same. Pay the remainder (174) of the account balance.

How about Banfield deducting the $174 from the $2000 I spent at Tufts to save my beautiful cat and send me a check for the difference? Ha Ha

Your turning me over to a collection agency speaks volumes to me of the concern. Its not the money for me its the principal. I have spent 174 dollars on lottery tickets but at least there I have a chance.The Vet was "spoken to" ?

Really did that ease my cats suffering or my despair? NO it did not. You may have qualified vets somewhere but I imagine they move on quickly.

I stand by my original post. BAN BANFIELD!

Update by user Feb 09, 2016

Banfield contacted me and put me in touch with their client care team. I spoke with a woman who was very sympathetic and said she would look into the incident. not a word in over a month.

Original review posted by user Jan 14, 2016

Banfield took my money for 7 years then 10 days after a Comprehensive well being check my cat had a stroke. Banfield said to bring him right in and left me sitting for over an hour while the vet clipped a dogs toenails!

what the heck do they consider comprehensive? They never checked his blood pressure. After an hour I drove 35 minutes to another(Real) animal hospital my cats blood pressure was 240!! $2000.00 later my cat was released and is now doing better.

Banfield has been attempting to extort $170.06 from me for what they consider the balance of the wellness plan....Only good for animals that are well. Buyer Beware

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Wellness plan and treatment of pet, Awful veterinary, Exploitation of services.

  • Poor Emergency Care
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All your Banfield employees are asstwats, this poor women's cat almost does, and you offer excuses! Let me tell you about my vet.

My Savannah kitten managed to get her cone off after her spay on a Saturday my husband and I went out to lunch. She had opened her stitches. We raced her to the vet, who was closing in a half an hour. They were full, yet my vet was kind enough to fix the sutures.

She stayed after closing to do so.

If we would of taken her to a emergency vet we would have been charged four times the amount. I was so grateful. They also made sure she could not get out if her cone again.

All I ever hear about Banfield is they turn people away. It is rarely nice. If you look at my vet's Yelp review she has almost a perfect score. Banfield's in my area, have two stars.

It is because of this, the lack of compassion you all show. A Doctor *** that thinks only the rich should own pets that can afford the ridiculous prices. Or just a lack of responsibility or compassion.

At least you all DoD not kill her cat. It was most likely a blessing in disguise she took her kitty elsewhere.


Happy to read that kitty is doing better. However, there is no way to predict whether a pet is going to have a sudden stroke or hart attack.

I've owned pets for over 50 years and not one time during a routine exam was a blood pressure test performed on one of my cats or dogs. Pets just as humans can have sudden unforeseen medical health issues without having or showing any prior symptoms whatsoever and in a medical emergency situation humans are usually taken to a hospital emergency room and pets should be taken to an emergency/acute care pet facility.

I'm no fan of Banfield. But you can't blame Banfield, yourself or any vet for kitty's unforeseen sudden stroke.


Good luck predicting a stroke in cats - even a specialist couldn't do that so I don't know why you expected those poor overworked vets at Banfield to 'predict' this? FYI - No Hospital I know of (I have worked at ~15 over the course of my career) does BP as part of a routine wellness exam.

Also, You get what you pay for.

You pay for a cheap plan that means you get & small number of tests and are seen by new and inexperienced vets who are the only ones that will work for Banfields cheap wages. Yeah - the other hospital did a BP, but you also payed over $2000 for them to examine/test your pet.


I paid for them to save my pet not examine


"I paid for ten to save my pet no examine"

Uhhhmmmmm. Without examining your pet, they wouldn't be able to save them.




Banfield actually pays new grads quite well. I speak from experience.


I am sorry for your ordeal. I hope your cat is feeling better.

I also am glad you are taking your kitty to a real vet. I hope your cutie is with you for many happy years to come.

Ignore these Banfield employees justifying their company's actions. Band is the Mc Donald's of vet industry.


They certainly are! Thank you for you kind words.

Marcus Aurelius is still with us. He no longer falls over but can no longer jump and is a bit unsteady but we have cat stairs where he needs them and we are all adjusting.

thanks again,



I know it seems frustrating but I really doubt it is the Vets fault.

They 100% should have communicated with you better to let you know why there was such a wait (v.unlikey it was just for a nail trim - Banfield has their techs do those unless they pet is very aggressive & needs to be sedated - in which case the vet cannot leave a sedated pet unattended) & that if it was going to be that long then you should have been referred to an ER.

Also, unlike at a human Dr's appointment, blood pressure is not something that is regularly checked by vets on routine appointments.

This is because pets get so stressed at vets offices that their blood pressure is normally falsely elevated. Also pets get very wriggly and this also affects getting an useful reading as you need the pet to be still & the limb to be in a certain position to get an accurate value.


The pet was not sedated and it was the vet. I went right to the exam room and watched her through the glass in the door.

the vet was incompetent and according to Banfield was spoken to about not seeing an emergency in a reasonable amount of time. I am well aware of the procedure for taking a pets blood pressure and for the reason you stated they a trained vet or tech takes multiple readings..usually by stroking and speaking calmly they get a readings that they can then at least see if the BP is in an acceptable range.


it was not an hour to clip one dogs nails. the vet made herself busy with minor details.

Banfield has a posted sign in the lobby of their "Hospital" and I use that word cautiously.

"Injured or sick animals will be seen first, for every ones safety"

the vet was incompetent. The vet tech that saw us after the hour wait called the owner after I left to tell her how horribly we had been treated. They also lied about what time I came and left the hospital.

I documented everything that I sent to Banfield with my phone...minute by minute with pictures. They are worse than puppy mills.


Sorry but it doesn't take an hour to clip a dogs toenails. Nor does the vet themselves usually do the nail trims, the techs do.

They may have had another sick pet or emergency that they were handling. But they should have explained to you the reason why the wait was so long, or they should've told you on the phone that it may be a wait.

A comprehensive exam is a full head to toe exam. Eyes checked, ears checked, skin checked, heart checked, lungs checked, rectal exam, etc. Blood pressure check is not included in that.

Also, your cat was healthy at the time of the comprehensive exam, so there's no need to check the blood pressure then.

You signed a contract with the wellness plan. It clearly states in the contract that if you cancel before the year is up (each year it renews is a new 1yr contract) you either pay the remainder of the months that you owe or the services you've already used at cost, whichever is CHEAPER.

The wellness plans are to keep pets healthy. They are NOT insurance. But if a pet is sick and injured they can still be helpful because you get a free office visit, bloodwork if needed and hasn't already been used, and a discount on whatever isn't included.

Banfields are not equipped for major emergencies, nor are most private offices.

They can handle some emergencies, just depends on what it is. That's the reason for 24hr EMERGENCY hospitals. Banfield is a "Real" hospital. Just because they aren't equipped for major emergencies doesn't mean they aren't a "real" hospital.

They only have so much space as they are located inside petsmart.

We often tell clients to come in if they call with what they think is an emergency. Then we let them know that we will examine them and we may have to refer to an emergency hospital depending on what is wrong with the pet. If it's close to closing time then we let them know there's only so much we can do with the amount of time, so again we may have to refer them anyway. I'm glad your cat is okay after the stroke.

Hopefully it won't have any lasting effects on him. He's very handsome.


Oh. I forgot to add.

The only way it would take an hour to "clip nails" is if the pet had somehow injured the nail or broke it. Then they would be sedated to clip/remove it.

If it was at the base and they have to remove the nail, it could need sutures. Then they have to bandage the foot.


The vet did clip the dogs nails as this was the only job she was qualified to do. I watched her through the glass in the window and then spoke with the pets owner and got her name which I sent into Banfield with my original complaint.

The dog was NOT sedated..

what are you a Banfield employee?? It was a simple nail trim done by the SO Called Vet on duty that Sunday morning....


I have read enough testimonials of employees that half the time they do not bother to even send blood work out.They also do half *** job exams since they over book appointment. So you are saying, supposedly healthy cat, has a stroke, has a stroke a week later, is not the bit weird?!

The truth is this is another exam of their incompetence! Only Banfield would need to sedate for a nail trim. Really!? My guess is over booking, is why Banfield could not see the poor cat sooner.

I know after experiencing Banfield's rude incompetence and their uncaring staff, it is like a so wonderful to experience real well trained caring staff.

By showing no sensitivity to this women's ordeal just shows what asstwats Banfield hired.

Thank you so much for demonstrating what monsters you all are. Psychopath that have no empathy or compassion, just never ending excuses for the horrifying experiences pet owners have at this vet from ***.


where did you read the cat was healthy and had a stroke one week and then had another stroke a week later? also ive worked as groomer for years and we have many clients asking if we can work on their pets under sedation because of their pets behavior. and the comment youre commenting on, she stated they would sedate the pet if the nail was injured, not just for a simple nail trim.


You are ***, it clearly states the cat had a TEN DAYS AFTER HIS COMPREHENSIVE EXAM I was rounding it off. I am sorry, I should have said ten days after.

I wonder how you would feel if Banfield almost killed your beloved pet with their incompetence! You *** make yourself look ***! You should just say would you like some fries with that? At least when I buy coffee at Mc Donalds the staff is polite.

You cannot even get good customer service from you jerks! What cry babies too!

Try working at under staffed high kill shelter. Then you can complain about how hard your dam job is!


I have plenty of empathy and compassion. You don't know me personally.

I told her a stroke CAN happen after a healthy report a week prior, I didn't say that IS what happened.

Not all banfield Veternarians and staff are the same. The personalites range at every location. I truly do wish everyone was as amazing as my staff.

We have multiple people who drive a long way to see us. Some people come in only when I'm there because I know their pet and love them like my own. Every single staff member at my location truly cares about each and every pet and the clients as well.

Unfortunately anywhere you go, even non banfields, you risk seeing a vet or a support staff member that seems uncaring/rude. It happens at private practices, and it happens at other corporate places that aren't banfield.

Someone may love a place, while you hate it. Everyone has their own experiences and opinions that may differ from other people, and that is okay.

Yes, sometimes it is overbooked. We have limited appointments. Surgery in the morning (anywhere between 3-4 surgeries), as well as looking at the other pets who have dropped off.

1 doctor per day at my location. Appts start at 2pm end at 6pm. If we are fully booked and we have someone who has a sick pet that needs to be seen, we will do our best to see them so they don't wait days to be seen, as that obviously shouldn't be done if the pet is sick. Not to mention the people who show up without appts and the emergencies that come in.

But my 2 doctors never spend less than 15min in a room with a client, unless it's a simple recheck where the pet is doing good or just vaccines and the owners have no questions. We explain every single thing we do.Every test and every medication is explained in detail.

Bloodwork is not sent out, it is run in house, unless it is a special test. Blood cell count (cbc), Internal organ function (Iof), el and a Manuel differential on the microscope are the tests included in the plan. Add electrolytes to that, and that's the pre anesthetic bloodwork.

No, not only banfield would need to sedate a patient. If a pet has broken their nail to the point it would need to fully be removed and sutured, they need to be sedated. If a place didn't sedate in that situation, I'd report them. If a dog/cat is extremely stressed out, they can physically harm themselves or get so worked up can cause themselves problems, so it would be less stress for the pet and better so they don't injure themselves, to sedate them.

We rarely use sedation. I was explaining things to her, not making excuses. Not blaming her for anything, nor was i being rude. I apologize to the person with the cat who's post this is, if I came off that way.

I didn't mean for it to. Its hard to judge someone's tone of voice online. Yes, pets can have a stroke even if a physical exam a week before was normal. As stated above, blood pressure is not checked unless there's a problem, because some dogs and alot of cats get stressed when they are at the vet, so it wouldnt be a correct reading.

I told her, and yes I genuinely meant it when I said that I was glad her pet was seen and is better. I also said I hope that it didn't have any lasting effects on the kitty and that he was handsome. I truly meant it when I said all those things. I don't like when someone has a terrible experience, even when it's not my location.

It makes me want to fix it, that's just how I am. I Do NOT Like Seeing people unhappy.

I'm sorry that you feel the way you do about Banfield. I truly hope that you have found a vet that you trust and love.


Yet Banfield insists that his blood pressure was checked. The lab tests say "monitored" with no reading.

The other 65 items all show a reading. I think they are full of it..i am glad your experience has been positive but I think your in the minority here.

why would so many people be on this site? Are you a Banfield employee?