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On May 8th, I took my cat in for a dental and since he was going to be sedated I requested a bath and his backend to be shaved cause he is a long-haired cat. MInd you, I often shave his backend myself cause after 14 years he is quite used to it.

I am pissed because I was NOT informed by the receptionist that BANFIELD PET HOSPITAL would consider the two grooming procedures separate charges. I was charged $43.00 for my cat's butt hair to be trimmed. I suppose in all honesty it is somewhat my fault. Afterall, during his last yearly visit I asked if one of the Tech's could shave his butt and she ran the clipper straight over his anal cutting him.

I contacted Banfield's corporate office on May 10th and was told the issue would be resolved in 5 days. As of today's date, May 22, 2012 the issue has NOT been resolved. This butt hair clipping left my cat's butt red and inflamed for days and he was also having severe runny bowel movements.

HOW CAN I CUT MY CAT'S BUTT HAIR FOR THIRTEEN YEARS AND NOT ONCE HAVE I EVER CUT HIM, NOR HAS HE EVER HAD AN INFECTION BECAUSE OF IT? In my opinion, I should NOT have been charged an additional $43.00 (which they stated on my bill as a medical procedure) and all monies should be returned rightfully back to me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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In response to C's comment:

I NEVER stated that I had a problem paying for the procedure, but obviously you did NOT read what I actually typed. My problem was being charged $43.00 for a butt clipping.

A groomer wouldn't even have charged that much. I did not question any of the charges when I dropped my cat off for his dental because I assumed the charges were for bloodwork, anasthesia, etc... regarding his dental.

And for your information, it wasn't clipperburn, my cat's anal gland was actually cut and bleeding profusely and required medical attention. So, before you post a comment and ask me "are you kidding, right?" Perhaps, you SHOULD actually read a post before you post your rude comments.


So you have a procedure done and don't think you will be charged for it? Why is that?

Because he got clipperburn sitting a seperate visit? you are kidding right?

If you wanted to know the. price you should have asked before you had it done.take some responsibility for yourself.

Banfield Pet Hospital

Thank you for providing this feedback and for bringing this to our attention. We apologize that your visit to one of our hospitals has left you feeling this way.

Based on your review we are unable to identify your case and urge you to contact our Client Advocate Team so we can gather more information and better help. Please call 877-500-2288 or email at, thank you.