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Don't go to Banfield. They don't listen when you say there is something wrong with your pet.

My daughter had a spunky kitten and we took her in for her spay and a few hours later they called and said she was ready to go. 2 days later they called to check up on her and I told them she wasn't acting normal that she wasn't eating or trying to play. They told me it was normal and it would take her some time. Well a week later I took her for her incision check up they took her from me look at the incision handed her back and said she was good to go I said no she isn't acting like herself she hadn't eaten a full meal since the night before her surgery and was just acting like a bump that was there no play not much movement and their response was its normal it could take a monh for her to act normal again I ended up calling Afew days later in a Monday asking about her maybe having a urinary tract infection and they said maybe bring her in next Monday.

Ugh. So 2 days later my daughter came to get me and the kitten had just flipped over could barely move I thought she was dead so we took her to Banfield right away and they were closed on a Wednesday and we went to an emergency vet who said she never would make it to Monday turns out she was so dehydrated that her kidneys and organs were failing. At this point she is in the hospital barely hanging on and they are doing everything they can to bring her back but it doesn't look good This doctor told me that she should've bounced back within the 2 days and since she hadn't they should've taken her right in and done testing she would be ok right now if they did.

My daughter and all my kids are devastated that out kitten we have had for 3 short months may not come home all because they didn't want to hear me and listen to what I was saying. So please I know the plans look great and it's way cheaper please don't leave your family member in their care and always listen to your gut.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Spaying Veterinary Surgery.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I am very sorry for what you are going through..