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Had been with Banfield in their Dallas,TX location for a good 6+ years and was very happy with them. Our dog was on the wellness plan and was relieved to find a location close to us when we moved to Houston, TX. The location at: 140 FM 1960 Road East

Houston, TX, 77073 needs some work.

At this point our dog was getting up there in age, almost 13 years old and showing a low of health problems. He was going blind in one eye, and developed cancer and was very lethargic and in a lot of pain as towards the end, we couldn't even touch him without him snapping at us because everywhere we touched was sensitive to him. After much deliberation and discussion with the hospital, they suggested he be put down as he wouldn't be strong enough to survive any medical procedure and even then those procedures would not help him very much.

If you've ever had to put a pet down, you know the emotions: sadness, anger, guilt, remorse, shame, amongst a hundred others swirling in your brain. Banfield said they could do the procedure to put him down at their location. I didn't even go, I did not think I would be able to handle it, and I still can't.

Lo and behold, the next month, my wellness plan is still being charged for my dead dog that THEY put down. One would think there would be some kind of flag in a file - something like "pet deceased, stop wellness plan". They asked why I wanted to stop the wellness plan, um, because my dog is dead, put down by you and this very location. I called in and asked about it and they said, "well you didn't call corporate to cancel".

Ok at this point, pretty pissed because they are charging me for the upcoming month of their wellness plan. I said, ok, so it's my fault for not calling in I guess, but how about now that you know my dog is dead, you refund me my money back and stop charging me. NOPE! They inform me that my bill is on a cycle and I need to pay for TWO MORE months before I can cancel.


This location was pretty bad, but this seems to extend to corporate. How can you force people to finish a cycle of billing of wellness plan contracts when a pet dies?

So I was forced to pay three months worth of service of a wellness plan on a dead dog. Hmm, maybe I should have let the vet stick the thermometer up my butt just to get something out of it? Seriously, think about it, being forced to pay for the remaining months of a contract when a dog is dead, put down at your very establishment?!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: paying for a dead animal.

Preferred solution: Stop forcing people to pay for dead animals.

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The wellness plan contract is for a whole year when you sign up for it.


That's messed up, someone needs to report them to the district attorney's office..


Unfortunaly when you sign-up on a Wellness plan it is in the small print that you are responsible for the full year of payments. It doesnt matter whether the pet dies, is given away or gets lost.

You still have to pay for the full year. Because you signed the contract you signed that you agreed to this so there is no legal recourse. Also if you give your pet to someone else you cannot 'transfer' the Plan to a new owner.

You still have to pay & the new owner would have to pay for a whole new plan if they still wanted the pet to be on one. This is a warning to be very careful of what you sign.


Yes, I know, but really I would hope that something like the death of a dog would offer some kind of out clause. I guess people could lie and say their dog died to get out of the contract, but when their own establishment is the one who puts the pet down, it just doesn't make sense to say "hey, you have to pay the remaining months on your dog we just put down."


yeah but being 'kind' & letting you out of something you (knowingly or unknowingly) signed for wouldnt earn them as much. If its corporate it's going to always come down to getting as much money from you as possible to keep their profits as high as possible.

thats all it comes down to. money.

*souce* I used to work for them. our managers were always hounding us to sell as many wellness plans as possible.fyi the managers get bonues for extra profit.


Well you think that is bad? They KILLED my dog with their negligence then handed me a bill for over $300 for the things they did to her without my consent even AFTER I refused them and those are the very things that ended up killing her, now they are STILL hounding me to continue paying for her wellness plan.

I stopped paying for the plans for all of my dogs the second they killed her.

Banfield will NEVER see another cent from me! Banfield sucks!


unfortunately this is not unheard of. if you're on a contract you are required to pay. now the company could have taken the hit and said 'ok we're sorry for your loss , here don't worry about the remaining payments' but they chose to make you stick to the contract you had signed up for.

it sucks but unfortunately again, it's not unheard of.