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I am disgusted with all the negative reviews on this site. I have reviewed a lot of them, and some of them stem from poor customer service on Banfield's part. The vast majority of the complaints, however, are made by ignorant people with no training in veterinary medicine who don't understand the nature of diagnostic testing or medical treatment. The goal of every veterinary clinic is to provide the best care for any animal, and sometimes the BEST care is out of people's price range. That's typically when people complain that Banfield is "trying to rip them off." I work at a Banfield (and I've also worked in private clinics) and I can tell you that people get upset when they are expected to pay for testing to see what is wrong with their dog. Does your doctor give you medication without testing? If the problem is not diagnosable at sight, the answer is no. Blood tests, x-rays, etc may be needed before the cause of the problem can be determined. And even then, sometimes the problem is elusive. That has nothing to do with the competency of the vet, some diseases are just difficult to diagnose. I can't tell you the number of times people have come in with a limping dog with a swollen leg, but then refuse to pay for x-rays. If you were in excruciating pain and your arm swelled up like a balloon, would you turn down an x-ray?

Most people complaining on this website complain that the tests and procedures done on their pet were unnecessary or inappropriate. This drives me crazy. People do about 5 minutes of research on google and think that that equates to 4 years of veterinary school and years of experience. Ridiculous. As if you know more than your vet. Give me a break. I've read a lot of the complaints on this site, and disagree with most of them. In most cases, the vets followed protocol. I've worked as a tech for years in both private and Banfield clinics, so I know what a vet is going to recommend given certain symptoms.

I can tell you that all their employees are well trained. Take a look at their website. They usually only hire employees with either training in veterinary assisting or an RVT, or a bachelor's degree. In addition, every employee has to complete many online courses designed by Banfield to ensure adequate training.

If you don't like the fact that Banfield is a corporation, then go find a private practice, but don't accuse Banfield's vets and techs of only caring about money. We are all in this business because we care. Please do your research and think twice before accusing us otherwise.

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"Banfield in San Marcos has two doctors. One is a nice lady and one is Dr.

H. I see both of them, determined by who is there which day. Dr H has pressured, guilted, persuaded, and recommended me out of every dollar he possibly could. When Rocky coughed once during an exam, he diagnosed him with an upper respiratory infection, which he would "die from" if I didn't buy the 60$ medication.

When Rocky had diarrhea for two days from SWITCHING FOODS (I didn't know at the time that switching food caused it), Dr H said he had coxidia and ghiardia and had us on medication for each of those for THREE months, and charged us to continue doing fecal tests and ghiardia tests "just incase" up to three months later. He had my dog under anesthesia for over TWO hours during a neuter surgery, only to discover my dog never had balls in the first place and had a freaking scar from being neutered before!!

He hadn't even examined my dog before cutting him! I could go on all day, but I hope you get the picture."


They do only care about the money...they try to upsell and don't care about the welfare of the animals they "treat".


Um sure, because we're all in this field for the money and not for the care of the pets! Ignorance much..


sorry, I meant *thou

#323851 aren't writing a positive are complaining about people complaining on a website that was made for people to complain about things that they don't like about certain companies, so get over it and stop acting all holier than though.


LOL. Get over it.


Actually you can write positive reviews on this site too. Excuse me for defending a company I believe in. You insult us, we have the right to defend ourselves.


You are on a website CALLED PISSEDCONSUMER...if you have a problem with people complaining about Banfield, THEN DON'T COME ON HERE TO READ THE REVIEWS!!!


'Intothewild', while you are absolutely correct in that a pet needs to be tested before they are given the proper medication, just as any human, what do you say to a pet who is in fact prescribed medication from a Banfield vet without suggesting any be testing done first? Every time I go to Banfield I am sent to 2 different locations.

I am given the appt at the one closest to my home and then when I get there and have been there for an hour I am instructed to go to another location because the vet who performed my dogs surgeries is not there. Then when I get to that hospital the doctor who 'I thought' operated on my puppy says, that they don't know how to treat the dog because the vet who performed the surgery is not in! Are you kidding me?!! They see him anyway and prescribe meds without knowing exactly what is the problem.

4 surgeries 3 dog has had enough. I can't deal with incompetence.


Read again grievingcatowner: I never said "all owners." I said "most complaints..." also, I've worked at more than one Banfield. I don't pretend like I speak for all of them.

All I can say is that most of the complaints on this site are from owners with no veterinary training, it from people who don't know how to read a contract. There are so many Banfield in this country, I don't dispute the fact that many are legitimate. I'm sorry for your loss and how you felt you were treated.

I would directly contact the practice manager so these issues can be addressed with the staff. No owner should feel like you do, so hopefully your input will help change things.


I cant agree more with you. These irritate me too especially since I am also a vet tech at Banfield.

Now I have been to a bad Banfield before and I stayed long enough to tell people not to go there and to try to make a difference but I have also been at amazing banfields.

So dont give ALL of banfield a bad rap. And especially due to cost, she or he has a point that you cant diagnose without testing, and dont forget that YOU ALL AGREED TO PAY AND SIGN THE TREATMENT PLAN>NO ONE FORCED YOU!!!


three words Class Action Lawsuit


lmao, anonymous you are wrong. The company lies.

They make promises they have no intention on keeping to so many of their DVM's. That is why they all quit. For me, they told me id be on "production" after one year. Six MONTHS later i opened up my pay check and it was half of what is should have been.

Gues what, they put me on production 6 months early! surprise!

lol i quit right then and there... it was a total LIE


people just get mad because they don't know how to read contracts and then blame the company.


Inflexible Liars. There is a difference... Enjoy


How do you think vets in private practice make money? If you own your own clinic, the money you take home depends on the number of pets you see and the revenue you generate.

If you are a private practice vet, you don't just say, "I'm going to pay myself this much." No. It depends on how much you bring in.

As far as CTS goes, they hold people to their contractual obligations.

If you don't understand or agree with something, DON'T SIGN IT!! Yes, they can be inflexible, but it's time for people to have some personal accountability as far as taking responsibility for what they sign.


If you think the "wellness Plans"are bull++++ then don't buy into them, if you don't like the doctors or staff go somewhere else don't sit around complaining about the ***;;;that's why we have options so you can choose..RIGHT?

@use your own judgement

beautifully said!


Oh bb. Im sorry for you.

If u only knew the cts bs that u and ur "doctors" will some day soon see. If u only knew. As far as comission you are totally clueless my dear. Its very uncommon in private practice for a veterinarian to be paid solely on comission.

In my 25 years of small animal practice, i have never heard of a employer expecting an experienced DVM to sustain a living with a salary of $55,000. A garbage man makes a lot more than that honey.


Yeah I obviously don't know what I'm talking about, considering I work there. Everything I said is fact. You sound like the clueless one.