Needham Heights, Massachusetts

I have never been more disgusted or infuriated with a business in my entire life. Banfield Pet Hospital in Braintree uses appalling business tactics in order to steal your money.

NEVER bring your pets there.

When I brought my kittens in to get their spray and neuter the veterinarian there gave them a special flea treatment prior to the surgery because he said that he found a flea on one of them; but he did so without my consent, and nowhere in any of the surgery prep paper work was there even a hint that this treatment may be necessary. I was also not verbally warned either. When the bill came to charge me for it (as a surprise to me of course) I told them I refuse to pay for something they didn't get my consent for in the first place.

The meeting ended with me under the assumption that my valid complaint had successfully waived these fees. I continued to bring my pets there and paid their health insurance directly from my bank account monthly, however, I just received a letter in the mail from a third party debt collector for the amount of the flea treatments because Banfield Pet Hospital has reported me for non-payment!!!!!!

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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You do realize that if they had done surgery on your pet with fleas that the fleas could have crawled into her abdomen through the open incision and she would have died of a horrible infection?


Then they should have given her a flea bath. Those drops can take days to work


Nope, most of the topical or oral treatments on the market now work very quickly on the pet. What can take a long time is to get kill flea eggs & larvae & get them out of the carpet/furnishings.

Flea baths on the other hand are pretty much useless baca use they don't kill any of the fleas/larvae/eggs on the pets face (which you can't put the flea shampoo on because it can hurt their eyes), so once the pet is dry the fleas just come back.

Also if your pet had fleas they are going to infest the other pets in the hospital.......which is not fair to those other pets, so the hospital HAS to treat to prevent the other pets in their care catching fleas from your pet. Take responsibility for your own pet!


Actually tablets only take 30 minutes. And when you sign the drop off form it states if there is fleas we will treat and you will have to pay at pick up.