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I have big dog, and she got a lump on her back. Of course, I took her to banfield and there, they acted like they never saw something like that before in their lives.

They didn’t even know what it might me. They advised me to get a sample of it to get tested for $100 that is “of course” after the major discounts that the $200/year that I have to pay for the Wellness Plan. Also they suggested other medications that would make the total of just pre-determining what my dog has at $200. Then they charged me $16 to shave around my dogs bump and disinfect it!!!

While I had disinfection at home and while the lump had no hair on it!!!! Luckily I have a friend who is a vet and she said that at the vet she works, they charge the same amount of money or even slightly less for all that! So my wellness plan is just an extra pocket money for banfield?????? Of course, when I complained there at banfield, all I got was unprofessional, ill-mannered nurses who told me, “You don’t care about your pet?” and “you shouldn’t be angry, I advice you go to anger management” What the heck?

So I didn’t trust my pet or myself and my money with banfield and I cancelled everything including the “WELLNESS PLAN” and moved to my friend’s vet.

However, they still take the money from my account for the wellness plan the next month, and when I call; they say we have to take it for 2 more months. I am now paying money for a service I never got and will never get.


Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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Yes vets charge for everything. Always ask for a quote before they start treatment.

If they give attitude about it, find another vet.

You should be able to make decisions for your own pet (even $ related) without anybody judging you for it. You only know whats best for him or her and your situation and family.