Akron, Ohio
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I just had my 6month cocker spaniel spayed. She's miserable due to their ignorance the used clippers she said to shave area but my poor puppy has 2 big razor burns down both sides of her incision .

It really hurts her the incision she don't even notice . Some dumb *** should have to pay for this no excuses for pain and suffering .

I called them and they didn't offer any ointment at all I put vadoline on both sores and had to ace wrap her belly so she's not licking it . She hates collar they gave her ..

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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PLEASE do not wrap your pet or apply ointments to a SURGICAL incison without making sure that it is OK with the Vet 1st.

If you apply a wrap to tight you can cause major problems, and if you use unclean ointment it can act as a medium for infection to develop.....and you would have no-one to attampt to blame but yourself.

Getting spayed is a MAJOR surgery, most pets are uncomfortable for a few days afterwards and have some bruising and swelling around the incision.

This could be normal.

Also, dogs almost always hate having an E-Collar on, but it is vital to prevent them licking at the incision or chewing their stitches out & making it open up - which can be fatal (and is 100% your fault and liability if you took the cone off) so I can only hope you kept it on her??


Most dogs don't like the ecollar, that to keep her from licking. what else did you expect them to use to shave? They have to disinfect the area.


You can't plan the hospital for her not liking the e-collar, that is a normal dog response.