Catonsville, Maryland

took my cat Garfield here because he was not doing well and lost weight. He went from 12 to 7 something pounds.

Blood work was done which came back normal. All I was told was that my cat was "fine" and that was good news. A script was written for high fiber high protein diet. No follow up was requested to see my cat again.

My cat continued to loose weight and stopped eating. I made an appt and had him seen a month later at millersvile animal hosp and they did xrays and was certain it was cancer. Gave him predispose and a antibiotic for the diarrhea. My cat died three days later and he's only 5 years old!

I called and told this to someone named Brittany and that I wanted my other animals records sent to the new vet as I would not be coming back. I told her this story and that my cat died. She didn't respond and just said "ok, so you just want this faxed"? People like that shouldn't work there.

This was a horrible experience!! Had something been done sooner maybe my cat would have had a chance.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I'm very sorry for the loss of your kitty.

Please consider, you are very right, if something had been done sooner it could have helped your cat. If it had been seen before it lost 42% of its body weight, the problem may have been found and more easily treated.


Usually blood tests will alert the Doc to do additional testing if there is something wrong with the blood test results. In this case the Doc didn't find any thing wrong with the test results so felt it wasn't necessary to take x-rays and financially burden you with an additional expense at the time.

The second Doc just happened to do an x-ray since he saw there was nothing unusual with the blood work that had already been done. Considering your kitty was diagnosed with cancer I'm sorry to say it was better for kitty to pass on as opposed to suffering or you being financially burdened with the cost of chemo treatments and other medical expenses. I don't mean to sound heartless I love all my animals.

But some times we just need to let a pet pass on their own or put them to sleep we do care and don't want a much loved pet to be in pain or suffer. I am sorry for you loss.


No, Banfield vet's are just *** and the lowest of the low. There are actual complaints about those nemrods not properly sexing animals!

I mean is that not one of the first things you learn? They might as well shot that cat. The vet was most likely in a hurry, and missed something. Or maybe did not bother sending the blood out at all.

Who knows. I hope your animals go to that *** hole and get the same quality of care.